This Is What Really Happens to Your Body in a Hot Car

Each year, an average of 37 children die from being trapped in hot cars in the United States. But how does this happen? As it turns out, a lot of damaging things happen to our bodies when we suffer heat stroke from being trapped in a hot car.

Your car’s temperature can increase by more than 40 degrees in less than an hour


A car’s temperature can climb to well over 100 degrees. | Joe Raedle/Getty Images

If you’ve ever gone outside on a hot day, you know that it only takes a few minutes before you begin to sweat. And in a car, that uncomfortable feeling is tenfold. That’s because even if you had the air conditioning on prior to exiting the vehicle, parking your car in the sun can cause temperature increases of more than 40 degrees in just one hour. According to Live Science, the dashboard of a car can hit a whopping 157 degrees if parked in the sun.

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