This Meal Service Delivery Is Cheaper (and Easier) Than Buying Groceries

Most people view meal delivery services as a luxury for the rich and potentially famous. The spike in popularity of ordering groceries right to your doorstep has led to affordable meal delivery services. There’s no doubt that they save you plenty of time and energy, too.

These meal delivery companies found the fine line between quality product and cheap delivery to make selecting groceries easier than ever — and buying them a thing of the past.

7. Chef’d

Chef’d recipes often require intermediate-level cooking skills. | Chef’d

5. HelloFresh

Hello Fresh gets the endorsement of pro chef Jamie Oliver. | Hello Fresh

4. Home Chef

Customers love using Home Chef. | Home Chef

3. Terra’s Kitchen

Terra’s Kitchen focuses on the freshest foods. | Terra’s Kitchen

2. Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot is endorsed by Tom Brady. | Purple Carrot

One thing can be said for Purple Carrot: You’ll definitely save time at the grocery store if you’re attempting to search for the obscure ingredients they’ll send you. Unless you know where yu choy and rutabaga are off-hand at your local store, it’ll save you a few minutes of frustration and cost you nearly the same as it would at the market.
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1. Blue Apron

blue apron box

Blue Apron has gotten incredibly popular. | Scott Eisen/Getty Images

Blue Apron was one of the first meal delivery services to make an impression on families who just wanted something easierAnd it has proven time and time again that it delivers, no pun intended.
Blue Apron kits provide every ingredient you’ll need, recipes, and step-by-step pictures in case you aren’t sure what’s what. They have options for meat-eaters, pescetarians, and vegetarians alike. They also post their upcoming menu on their website a week in advance so you can decide if you want to order or opt for grocery shopping instead. The portions are generous and you definitely get your money’s worth, reviewers say.

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