This Student Explains Exactly What Happened When His Brave Teacher Was Shot by a School Shooter 3 Times

The Washington Post notes since Columbine, nearly 200,000 students have been exposed to gun violence at school. And while we’re figuring out how to keep kids safe at school, a few unlikely heroes have stepped in when students needed it most.

During the shooting at Noblesville West Middle School in Indiana, one teacher charged toward the attacker and saved lives. Here’s what happened when the teacher intervened, according to one student (page 5). (And don’t miss out on Trump’s response to the shooting on page 8.)

1. The shooting occurred after 1 student left the classroom and returned with guns

Students walking outside of the school.

The student left the classroom and returned with two guns. | Kevin Moloney/Getty Images

Shortly after the deadly school shooting in Santa Fe, students in one Indiana middle school had to deal with a tragedy of their own. Noblesville West Middle School is just 25 miles east of Indianapolis, CNN reports. And no one expected such a tragedy to occur in the small city of just 60,000.

The violence began after a student requested to leave the classroom. He then allegedly “returned armed with two handguns,” said Chief Kevin Jowitt.

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2. Student Ethan Stonebraker explains they were taking a test when the gunman entered

Students walking together outside the school.

The shooter was intercepted, but a student was still badly injured. |  Kevin Moloney/Getty Images

It was just an average day for the students in Jason Seaman’s science class. But seventh-grade student Ethan Stonebraker tells CNN that they were in the middle of a test when the shooter entered the classroom with his handguns. Stonebraker explains the assailant shot “four to six times” before he was stopped.

Thankfully, the shooter couldn’t do too much damage before he was disarmed. But one young girl didn’t get away unscathed.

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3. Stonebraker’s classmate was shot and remains in critical condition

Ella Whistler in a school photo.

The student is currently in recovery. | CarterNews via Twitter

Ella Whistler, a 13-year-old who was in the classroom, was shot by the student with the gun. The good news is that she’s doing better every day, WTHR reports.

The news station explains Whistler was hospitalized immediately following the shooting and was reportedly in critical but stable condition. The teacher in the classroom, Jason Seaman, says her courage is “nothing short of remarkable” during this difficult time.

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4. Teacher Jason Seaman courageously attacked the shooter

Jason Seaman smiling in a photo.

This teacher is being hailed as a hero. | WTHRcom via Twitter

Jason Seaman, a middle school teacher in his late 20s, acted quickly when the shooter entered the classroom. And thanks to being physically fit from teaching basketball, he was able to attack the shooter and swat the gun out of his hand.

He didn’t get away without injuries, though. CNN reports his mother posted updates of his condition on Facebook, stating, “Jason is out of surgery and doing well. 3 shots – 1 through the abdomen, 1 in the hip & 1 in the forearm.” Despite being shot three times, he somehow came out of the situation in good condition.

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5. Stonebraker explains how his teacher took out the assailant

Jason Seaman in a photograph.

The teacher distracted the shooter with a basketball. | Jdog_McFrog via Twitter

According to Stonebraker, Seaman first threw a basketball at the shooter to distract him, WTOP reports. Then, Stonebraker says his teacher ran “with his arms in front of him, and then he just tackled him against the wall.” From here, he was able to dislodge the weapon.

As far as the attacker is concerned, Stonebraker called him “a nice kid most of the times.” He also expressed that he was shocked this student would do something so heinous.

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6. Without Seaman, many more lives would have been lost

Middle school students crying and comforting each other.

The community is in a state of shock. | Kevin Moloney/Getty Images

Stonebraker knows just how lucky he was to have a teacher like Seaman step in. While the attacker was being disarmed, Stonebraker notes his classmates and him crouched behind a table for cover, WTOP says. Since the incident, the student has called his teacher “very brave” and a “hero.”

He’s not the only one praising Seaman for his quick action, either. One of Seaman’s fellow football teammates who played with him during the 2007 season told CNN, “You could always trust him to do the right thing.”

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7. Seaman has released a statement regarding the incident

Jason Seaman during a press conference.

The teacher has healed from his injuries. | Mattsmith_News via Twitter

In his first statements since the incident, Seaman spoke humbly about his heroic acts. “I want to make it clear that my actions on that day, in my mind, were the only acceptable actions I could have done given the circumstances,” he told CBS News. Seaman also explains that he’s not looking for any sort of special treatment or attention in the aftermath.

“I deeply care for my students and their well-being. That is why I did what I did that day,” he continued.

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8. Here’s what Trump had to say on Twitter

Donald Trump's tweet.

Donald Trump also tweeted out his appreciation. | Donald Trump via Twitter

Trump gave his praise via Twitter to Seaman for his “heroic act.” “His quick and automatic action is being talked about all over the world!” the tweet added.

While the sentiment is nice, many are wondering if any laws will come out of yet another shooting. reports local Indiana lawmakers, are hoping to enact change, however. State representative Sally Siegrist says she wants to make adults responsible for this violence if they don’t secure weapons in their home. And representative Sheila Klinker says she hopes to dramatically increase school safety funding. “This is a lesson to be learned for all of us,” Klinker noted.

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