This Terrifying Side Effect Is a Sign You’re Eating Too Many Carbs

Have you ever wondered whether or not you’re eating the right amount of carbs? The experts don’t always make it clear how many you should be eating, and fitness bloggers are always handing out warnings about the joys of giving up sugar for good. It’s confusing, and it can seem like there’s no way to know if you’re doing it all wrong.

Unfortunately, eating too many carbs can be a health hazard. But your body is pretty good about sending you signals to let you know you’re overdoing it. You just have to learn the signs, and start listening to them.

1. You’re always thirsty

woman drinking water

Can’t seem to get enough water? That may be a sign you’re overdoing it with carbs. | Image Source/Getty Images

Eating large amounts of junk food high in carbs can cause your blood sugar to spike higher than it should. Extreme thirst is one of the ways your body tries to let you know you’re overdoing it. Eating foods high in fiber, a different kind of carb, will have the opposite effect.

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2. You can’t lose weight

young healthy girl on home scales

Does the scale read the same no matter what you do? | Ensuria/Getty Images

When you hear experts say eating too many carbs can hurt you, but not eating enough can hurt worse, what are you supposed to do? One thing’s for sure: Eating too many carbs, and therefore way too many calories, can make weight loss nearly impossible.

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3. You can’t stop gaining weight

Doubtful Woman Adjusting Weight Scale

Carb-heavy foods often lead to weight gain. | Tetmc/iStock/Getty Images

There’s a reason eating too many carbs increases your obesity risk. Though you might not realize it, many foods high in carbohydrates are also loaded with calories. Even if you work out regularly, over-consuming food of any kind can lead to unwanted, seemingly uncontrollable weight gain.

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4. You’re always tired for no reason

woman sleeping

Does a mid-day nap always sound appealing? | Povozniuk/iStock/Getty Images

You sleep at least seven hours every night, yet you’re still exhausted by lunchtime. You’ve tried everything to keep your energy levels up — except cutting back on (not cutting out) your carb intake. Eating too many carbs decreases your intake of long-lasting energy sources like protein and fat.

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5. You suffer from frequent ‘brain fog’

headache during work at the office

Is it hard for you to focus on your work? |

Chances are, if you’re eating a lot of carbs, you’re feeding your body large amounts of short-term energy. Foods with added sugars — the “unhealthy” kinds of carbs — provide short bursts of fuel that don’t last very long. Eat more foods high in fiber to combat brain fog.

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6. You’re always popping painkillers to relieve a headache

Medicine Pill removed from blister

This isn’t the best long-term solution. | 

Do you get frequent headaches with no easily detectable cause? You might be eating too many of the wrong types of carbs. Frequent blood sugar spikes and dips can leave you with a terrible headache. Try eating these foods instead.

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7. You can’t control your sugar cravings

woman with doughnut

Does just “one more” ring true for you? | Artfoliophoto/iStock/Getty Images

Did you know the more carbs you eat, the more intensely you’ll crave the worst type of carbs? Added sugars behave almost like a drug, which means the best way to stop your sugar cravings is to eat less sugar, and more filling, high-fiber foods.

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8. You’re always hungry

woman eats sweets at night

If you can’t stop eating, it may mean your diet is out of whack. | 

Sugars are the types of carbs that give you short bursts of energy and don’t keep you full for very long. This means that you’ll likely stay hungry if your diet consists mostly of sugar. Fill up on fiber and fuel up on protein instead.

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9. You feel bloated all the time

Man sleeping

This is never a good feeling. | G-stockstudio/iStock/Getty Images

If you’ve recently changed up your diet to include more fiber, it’s possible you took things a little too far. Excess fiber intake can disrupt your digestive system and cause that unpleasant, uncomfortable bloated feeling in your stomach. Here are some additional methods you can try to reduce belly bloating.

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10. Your stomach hurts

Woman having stomach pain

Stomach pain is one of the more annoying side effects. |

There are many possible reasons for abdominal pain, but eating too many carbs might be the one most under your control. Your stomach might hurt because you’re eating too much fiber without drinking enough water. It might also ache because you keep giving in to your sugar cravings.

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11. You have to get a cavity filled every time you visit the dentist

Dentist repairs tooth of his female patient

Your dentist visit may reveal a carb-heavy lifestyle. | 

Dentists love it when you come to them with clean, healthy teeth. Even if you brush more than once a day and floss daily like you’re supposed to, eating too many high-carb foods can result in unwanted cavities and unpleasant dental work.

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12. You feel depressed

bored sad woman in front of computer

Feeling down regularly may be a sign your diet should be reevaluated. |

A diet high in sweets can mess with your mental as well as your physical health. If you’ve been feeling down lately, and you’re not quite sure why, a high carb intake — especially sugar — could be one of the underlying causes.

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13. You have a lot of acne

Woman applying moisturizing cream to her skin

Skin issues are common in carb lovers. | LuckyBusiness/iStock/Getty Images

Can’t get rid of acne no matter how many products you use? Your diet could be to blame. Highly processed foods, foods high in added sugars, and even dairy products — all loaded with carbs — can cause major skin flare-ups. Try eating less of these.

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14. You’re constipated (again)

Closeup photo of woman sitting on toilet and using toilet paper

Is your digestive system all clogged up? This may be why. | Artfoliophoto/iStock/Getty Images

Your poop — or lack thereof — says a lot about your health, and your diet. Maybe you’re eating too many “healthy” carbs, such as fruits, veggies and whole grains with a lot of fiber per serving. Too much fiber, especially if you aren’t drinking enough fluids, can leave you feeling miserable for days.

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15. You’re having mood swings

blond girl complaining with tears and hands hiding her face

Do you feel like you’re not in control of your mood? | 

If you’re eating a lot of sweets and highly processed foods, you might have noticed your mood fluctuates more than it probably should. This is because large amounts of these foods can cause spikes — and then sharp drops — in your blood sugar, making you feel hyper and then extremely cranky.

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