This 1 Thing May Be Making You Fat

It’s time to talk about the F-word. You know, that word that’s loaded with so much negative connotation. It’s a word that nobody really wants to say, but sometimes there’s just no way around it. We’re, of course, talking about the word fat. You probably have no clue why you can’t shed those extra pounds. And that’s because you haven’t pin-pointed that one thing that is keeping you from slimming down.

We have a couple ideas as to what’s keeping you from losing weight.

It’s because of your sense of smell!

Close-up of a man's nose

Your shnozz could be the reason you can’t lose weight. |

Yes, you read that correctly. The good people at the University of California at Berkeley did a study on how weight gain is connected to simply smelling food. The study, which was done on mice, suggests that our sense of smell affects how our body burns calories. UC Berkeley’s website says the findings “point to a key connection between the olfactory or smell system and regions of the brain that regulate metabolism.”

Who would’ve thought it could potentially be your nose’s fault that you are fat?

Or maybe it’s because you can’t read?

Person Reading Nutrition Label on Packaged Food

Reading the ingredients is a good step to slimming down. | Ryan McVay/Getty Images

There’s no need to get offended — we aren’t insulting your general reading comprehension skills. But it is entirely possible that you are reading your food labels wrong. This is especially true if you are someone who fills up your grocery cart with anything that says “fat free” on the front. It has become fairly common knowledge that food companies add these words to trick you into buying their not-so-healthy products.

As ScienceDaily tells us, reading the full list of ingredients on foods — and shying away from processed foods as best you can — is the best solution to your weight loss woes.

No wait, I got it. It’s because of Game of Thrones 

Teenager girl with remote control laying down

Are you binging on more than just TV shows? |

Maybe Daenerys and her dragons aren’t your go-to when it comes to binge-watching TV. Nevertheless, binge culture could be the thing that is making you fat. For starters, TV exposes you to marketing for more unhealthy foods, which can lead to poor diet choices. Additionally, posting up in front of the television for hours on end leads you to eat more than you should. Since you are paying attention to the television and not your food, your brain has a hard time registering whether or not you’re full.

… and because you don’t clean your house!

Cleaning wooden floor

Is all that dust responsible for your weight? | oebelanger/Getty images

This is going to sound very bizarre, but there is a link between your weight and the cleanliness of your house. A study conducted by Duke University revealed that chemicals in household dust can trigger the PPAR gamma receptor, which is responsible for activating fat cells in your body. Of the 25 dust samples observed in the study, over half of them reportedly had chemicals that activated the PPAR gamma receptor.

That information alone should be enough to make you jump up and start cleaning.

It could be those dang protein shakes

Scoop of protein powder on a wooden table with open shaker in the background

Be aware of the negative impact that protein shakes can have on your weight. |

Are you exercising and eating well, but still not losing weight? It’s very possible that you aren’t burning as many calories as you are consuming, which results in fat gain. This is a very common problem when it comes to incorporating protein shakes and other exercise-friendly foods into your diet.

“If you add protein shakes but do not burn off the extra calories or trim your daily intake to reflect the added calories, you will gain weight,” summarizes. If you still want your daily protein shake make it at home so you can control the ingredients.

Oh boy, is it your partner?

young couple is eating pizza

The food choices you and your boo make are wrecking your waistline. |

You’ve surely heard this one before — being in a relationship causes you to gain weight. It’s something that happens to a lot of couples. As the HuffPost points out, many factors contribute to gaining “love pounds,” like eating out on a more regular basis. Luckily, there is a way to keep your honey from making you fat. Make some conscious healthy-eating choices together, and try to prepare more meals at home so you can control the fatty ingredients. Also, using your significant other as a workout buddy doesn’t hurt.

Wait, does that mean being fat is contagious?

Woman measuring her belly fat with her hands

Be careful, that flab can spread to you. |

This might be the most ludicrous thing you’ve ever heard. But there is, in fact, research to support the idea that being fat is contagious. The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute conducted a study which found that human gut bacteria can produce spores and live outside of the body, then be ingested. So basically, you could be catching obesity-causing bacteria the same way you catch the flu. There is hope on the horizon though, as scientist believe that mapping the bacteria from a healthy gut can right the ship.