This 1 Tweet From Demi Lovato Proves How Far She’s Come in Recovering From Her Eating Disorder

Hollywood stars and famous singers may have fame and fortune, but that doesn’t mean they don’t struggle with their mental health. This is particularly true in the case of the very outspoken Demi Lovato. Known for her coveted spot on the Disney Channel and then catapulted to fame by her powerful voice, Demi’s opened up about her personal demons many times before.

Though fans have been worried about Demi relapsing in the past, she’s proven she’s mentally and physically stronger than ever before. And this one tweet of hers shows how she’s finally accepting herself for who she is.

1. Demi’s eating disorder is well-documented

She’s been vocal about her struggles. | Demi Lovato via Instagram

At just 9 years old, Demi started binging and purging, Insider reports. And she says eating disorders run in the family, as both her mother and grandmother battled them, too.

Growing up also wasn’t easy for Demi, as she recalls being bullied in school, which led to even more issues. In addition to self-medicating with her eating disorder, she abused cocaine, alcohol, and painkillers.

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2. She’s also struggled with her bipolar disorder

Demi Lovato's 18th birthday party

She struggled for years. | Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Full Picture

Though her mother and grandmother both dealt with eating disorders, her father fought bipolar disorder, which Demi also reportedly has. Women’s Health reports in 2011, Demi entered rehab due to her bulimia, cutting addiction, and drug usage. When she finally got her bipolar diagnosis, she says she felt relieved to finally know why she was experiencing depression with manic episodes.

Now, the singer says she wants women to know that “it’s possible to live well, feel well, and also find happiness with bipolar disorder,” which is why she’s so open about her experience. And every single day she continues to work on her recovery.

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3. The star didn’t even think she’d live to see 21 years old

Singer Demi Lovato

She was convinced she’d die young. | Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho/Getty Images for ARD Foundation

Due to her past struggles, Demi says, “I didn’t think I would make it to 21,” New York Daily News says. Now, the singer has proven she’s stronger than she ever thought possible — and she’s made it well past the legal drinking age. To help out others struggling with their mental health, she’s even offering free therapy during her tours.

Glamour reports Demi’s bringing the treatment and wellness program she co-owns and previously went through on tour with her. “I just know how important it is to use my platform to help others and to share my story in hopes it inspires people to either get into recovery or better themselves,” she says.

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4. But food is still her biggest challenge

She still struggles with food. | Rich Fury/Getty Images

Though Demi has a much healthier outlook now than she ever has before, she still says, “Food is the biggest challenge in my life,” People reports. “Body image, what I wish I could be eating, what I wish I could be eating next, what I wish I didn’t eat, you know it’s just constant,” she adds.

Though her disorder may never fully disappear, she did add a photo of herself on Instagram that shows the leaps she’d made in her recovery. The caption states, “I’ve decided I’m letting go of my perfectionism and embracing freedom from self-criticism. … I work every day towards solid recovery even if I mess up sometimes.”

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5. This 1 tweet shows she’s not letting her disorder take over her life anymore

Demi Lovato tweet

She’s got a much healthier attitude about eating now. | Demi Lovato via Twitter

It’s tough being under the public eye for any celebrity — and this is especially true for one who has a history of disordered eating. In this tweet, however, Demi proved she’s overcoming her past eating issues.

She claims she’s done depriving herself of delicious foods, as long as they’re in moderation, and has gained a couple pounds as a result. But because many of her fans are impressionable young women, she wants to set a good example and let them know it’s OK to enjoy food. “No more food shaming myself!!” Demi says.

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6. And working out has been vital to her recovery

She works out an hour a day, six days a week. | Demi Lovato via Instagram

Demi might be giving up dieting — but she’s certainly not giving up her exercise routine. She even tells Fitness Magazine that working out is her healthiest habit. “Exercising has been so important for my recovery, both physically and mentally.” She also says she has more energy and endurance thanks to her routine, and it’s helped her ward away sickness while on tour.

As for what her workouts are like, they can be pretty intense. PopSugar notes she works out six days a week for at least an hour of cardio or strength training per day. Demi also participates in MMA training and jujitsu.

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7. Labeling foods as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ can severely impact your mental health

Warm chocolate lava cake sprinkled with powdered sugar

It’s okay to treat yourself now and again. | viennetta/iStock / Getty Images Plus

Clearly a handful of spinach is healthier than a handful of chocolate chips, but looking at food in a totally positive or negative light can actually be harmful. Shape notes it’s OK to receive pleasure from eating — even if it means you’re ordering a burger and fries. While fueling your body with nutritious foods is important, feeling ashamed of yourself for indulging every now and then will make you less likely to engage in healthy behaviors in the future.

Don’t develop bad relationships with “unhealthy” foods. If you love a certain treat, allow yourself to enjoy it in moderation without self-blame and stripping yourself of genuine joy.

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