This Woman Would Have Literally Died Without Her Apple Watch — Here’s the Shocking Reason Why

Some people claim they don’t know what they’d do without their Apple Watch, but in this case 18 year-old Deanna Recktenwald could have lost her life. The Apple Watch fitness features allow device wearers to track a number of vitals including activity, movement, and heart rate.

While it is always fun to see how many steps you can lock down during a given day, the heart rate feature tracks your resting heart rate, a number that portrays your general health. Readings between 60 and 100 beats per minute are considered normal, according to Harvard Health, however Recktenwald’s reading was shocking. You won’t believe what a simple resting heart rate monitor can tell you (page 5).

1. The warning came out of nowhere

A woman types on her computer while using an Apple Watch.

Recktendwald did not expect to discover this health scare through her Apple Watch. | Blackzheep/Getty Images

Recktenwald’s Apple Watch sounded an alarm that her resting heart rate soared to 160 beats per minute, ABC News reports. The reading was shocking because Recktenwald had no symptoms of physical distress.

“It was scary because she was just sitting there,” Recktenwald’s mother told ABC News. “She wasn’t doing anything. It wasn’t like she was running around. She was just standing there and it spiked up to 190,”

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2. This had been occurring

Recktenwald in the hospital and her Apple Watch.

She had been experiencing some usually symptoms. | CBS News via Twitter

Although Recktenwald claims to have been symptom-free, she reports feeling like this. “The only symptom that I had was that I was out of breath from walking and standing and sitting so it kind of didn’t make much sense,” she told ABC News.

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3. The high reading wasn’t enough

A woman using her Apple Watch.

Did you know that Apple Watches have this feature? | Killerbayer/iStock/Getty Images

When the resting heart rate reading reached 190, the watch vibrated, sounding an alarm that Recktenwald’s health was in trouble, CBS News reports. The Apple Watch has a vibration feature that alerts the wearer of incoming communication, fitness achievements, and dangerous health conditions.

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4. The family could have ignored the alarm

Ambulance van on highway with flashing lights.

The teen’s mother took the alarm very seriously. | OgnjenO/iStock/Getty Images

Thankfully, Recktenwald’s mother, who is a registered nurse took her daughter’s vital signs and rushed her to the emergency room.

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5. This was the shocking discovery

Recktenwald smiling at the beach.

Once she was rushed to the hospital, doctors realized she was experiencing kidney failure. | Deanna Recktenwald via Instagram

Recktenwald was experiencing kidney failure. But her life was saved thanks to her Apple Watch, Recktenwald’s doctor told ABC News.

“They did all sorts of labs and an EKG, but what they ended up coming back with was more than just a heart problem. It was something underlying that we didn’t know,” Recktenwald’s father said to CBS News. “She was in kidney failure. Her kidneys were only working at about 20% and we had no idea that they were failing.”

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6. Recktenwald discovered she has this disease thanks to her watch

Recktenwald wearing a hat in a photo.

Recktenwald was able to get the help she needed. | Deanna Recktenwald via Instagram

Doctors diagnosed Recktenwald with Alport syndrome, which is a genetic condition that slowly impedes kidney function, CBS News reports. This genetic and rare disease can also cause vision and hearing problems, and girls typically experience less symptoms than boys, according to the National Kidney Foundation.

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7. Her family is forever grateful she was wearing an Apple Watch

Tim Cook's tweet.

Social media was buzzing around the story. | Tim Cook via Twitter

Recktenwald and her family know she survived her condition because she was wearing the Apple Watch. Her mother emailed Apple with her story and thanked them for creating it. She received a thank you in return from CEO Tim Cook.

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8. The Apple Watch helped this man too

A person taking an Apple Watch out of its box.

Another life saved by an Apple Watch. | Spencer Platt/Getty Images

A New York man’s Apple Watch sent him an alarm after he became dizzy and experienced excessive bleeding, Fortune reports. He was rushed to the hospital where doctors discovered he had an erupted ulcer, which required emergency surgery and a blood transfusion. The man lived, again thanks to the Apple Watch alert.

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