Top 5 Fears People Have on a First Date

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Sure, there are lots of opportunities for you to mess up and totally blow your chances with a potentially great match on a first date, but don’t worry, you’re not the only one worrying about this. Even though your date might seem to be having a totally flawless experience, perhaps he or she is struggling with the very same fears.

In a survey conducted by, an online dating site, five common first date fears were revealed, and according to this group of more than 80,000 singles, these fears are not so far out there. While first dates often conjure up a wide array of emotions, keep in mind that it is a date, after all, and it should be fun. Brandon Wade, CEO and founder of, said, “The healthiest way to approach a first date is to be optimistic and open minded. If you’re constantly worried about everything that could go wrong, you can miss out on really getting to know your date.”

That said, common fears are still real, and for all the convincing you can try to do yourself, take comfort in the fact that your fears might be more common than you think. When all else fails, just imagine your date is having the same exact thoughts because, well, stranger things have happened.

When 81,923 respondents were asked, “What do you get most nervous about during a first date?”, these five answers came out on top:

1. Having bad breath: 36%

Bad breath is never a welcome scent, much like body odor or stinky feet. Sure, it might be impossible for you to stay minty fresh all day long, but carrying a pack of gum around couldn’t possibly hurt, right?

2. Something caught in my teeth: 25%

Unless you’re on a date with the kind of person who has no filter or shame and simply doesn’t care about laughing in your face when you’ve got a piece of spinach stuck in your teeth, this is a valid concern. So maybe skip the seeded bun and save the spicy wings for date No. 2 (or 3), but more than anything, hope for the aforementioned kind of date — it will make for a far more entertaining evening and quite possibly, a lasting relationship.

3. Spilling on myself: 15%

Much like the previous answer, this one can be rather awkward as well, but only if you let it. If you’re prone to being a bit clumsy when you’re nervous or around an attractive date, be proactive and maybe try sticking to darker colors. If you’re a red wine drinker, leave the white oxford at home.

4. Wardrobe malfunction: 14%

Like it or not, a major part of a person’s first impression is how they physically present themselves. If there were ever any debate on whether people typically prefer a guy who is well-groomed or one who looks like he just crawled out of a dumpster, well, I’d like to see that research. Don’t be too cool to take a few extra minutes before you meet your date to double check that everything is where it should be. Ever experienced an undone fly? Yeah, thought so.

5. Drinking too much: 10%

First of all, yikes! This can happen to the best of us, but no matter how many times you’ve gotten a little too tipsy for your own good, while it might be laughable in other instances, it could be a total deal-breaker when it comes to a first date. Sure, drinking is fun, and drinking and chatting it up with a prospective partner is even better, but being three sheets to the wind is never a good look on a first date.

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