Top 5 Stay-At-Home Date Night Ideas That Aren’t Lame

You don’t have to go out to have fun. All you need is an open mind and good company to have a special date night at home. There are plenty of activities you and your honey can do together while in the comfort of your love nest. Here are five fun ideas for your next at-home date night.

1. Go camping — in your living room

Couple watching horror movie on television on the couch

It’s seriously more fun than it sounds. |

Grab your sleeping bags and pretend you’re camping in the great outdoors. You can even make things fun by decorating your living room with faux trees and anything else that reminds you of spending time outside. If you want to spice things up a bit, have a camp outing in your bedroom.

2. Cook together

Couple cooking together

Cooking together is a great way to strengthen your bond. |

What’s a great date without great food? Cook a tasty meal together while chatting about each other’s day. Food blogger Sonja Overhiser, co-founder of A Couple Cooks, says she and her husband, Alex, feel closer when they cook meals as a couple. “One thing we love about cooking: it’s quality time spent together and puts food on the table…There’s something about learning a new skill with someone that tightens the bond. You’ll have plenty of ‘remember when’ fodder, and you’ll grow together the more you learn,” said Overhiser.

3. Give each other massages

massage therapist

Getting a massage is even more relaxing when you don’t have to leave the house. |

Go ahead and bring out the massage oil. Make your home date night sexy and relaxing with his-and-her massages. You can take turns being massage therapist and client. Registered Massage Therapist Denis Merkas says a couples massage is a good way to reconnect. “The promise of deeper intimacy, stronger trust, and even a resurgence of lovey-dovey brain chemistry are just a few compelling reasons for you to get your hands all over your sweetie, stat! Massage is the gift that keeps on giving — I don’t know anyone who gets tired of too many massages. Our aching muscles can always do with a little TLC, and who better than to pamper you with healing touch than your [partner]?” writes Merkas.

4. Have a movie night

Couple having a movie night

Movie night will never get old. |

Pop some popcorn, pick out your favorite beverages (and candy, if you’d like), and have a movie marathon. For some added fun, re-enact your favorite scenes. The Dating Divas‘ family and relationship expert, Becca, says a movie might be the go-to activity for home date nights, but it’s still a fun choice. “The good ol’ at-home movie night is probably one of the most popular date ideas out there. And for good reason! Who doesn’t love to turn out the lights, cuddle up close to their honey, and munch on some yummy snacks?” writes Becca.

5. Play a game

Couple playing video games

A little bit of competition never hurts. |

Introduce some friendly competition by playing a fun board game. Raise the stakes by agreeing that the loser has to do whatever you want (within reason).

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