Train Like the Military: Try This 5-Move Circuit Workout

Ever wondered what it’d be like to train like our military special forces? Personal and group fitness trainer Omri Rachmut trained in Israel where he joined the Israeli Defense Forces serving as a paratrooper for three years before bringing his signature moves stateside to Barry’s Bootcamp. Always active, his background includes everything from Muay Thai to downhill mountain biking and rock climbing. He says that his military training has taught him many valuable lessons, which he applies to his daily life and to training his clients: “The most important and valuable lesson that I took with me was the understanding that when combined, a strong mindset and a powerful and healthy body can become an unstoppable force.”

With that in mind, we asked Rachmut to demonstrate a workout circuit, inspired by his training, that will help both build muscle and burn fat.

Do each of these five moves for 30 seconds. Repeat the circuit three times taking a one minute break in between each circuit.

1. Fighter burpee


Source: Omri Rachmut

This exercise is a jab, cross, knee combo right into a burpee. Get into your fighting stance to begin: have your weaker leg forward and your stronger leg behind with the heel slightly up; both hands should be up by your face. Start with a basic jab cross followed by a front knee strike (see here for details on how to perform a jap, a cross, and a knee strike). Repeat on each side, then add a push-up burpee once one set has been completed. To do the burpee place your hands on the floor directly in front of, and just inside, your feet. Jump your feet back landing on the balls of your feet so that you’re in a high plank position. Lower down till your chest nearly touches the ground and then lift back up into high plank position. Next, jump your feet back so that they land just outside of your hands and reach your arms over head as you jump into the air.

2. Combat crunch


Source: Omri Rachmut

This move is a knee tuck crunch combined with crossing punches. To start lay on your back with both legs extended and your heels elevated, hands behind your head, and fingers right by the ears. Tuck the knees toward the chest and simultaneously sit up and extend one arm at a time sending a punch across the body while rotating the upper body in the direction of the punch. Use free weights to make this move more challenging.

3. Weighted jab cross


Source: Omri Rachmut

Get into your fighting stance with your weak leg forward and your strong leg back. Have both of your hands up by your face. With two medium or lightweights in hand, throw a straight arm punch, one arm at a time. While one arm is striking the other is protecting the face. To progress this move add heavier weights or go for a faster paced speed.

4. Reverse lunge into a kick


Source: Omri Rachmut

This is a combination between a reverse lunge and a stomp kick. To start, step back with the kicking leg into a low lunge position. Drive up extending the front leg while sending the rear leg forward leading with the bottom of the foot, then extend the kicking leg. To make this move more challenging add an ankle resistance band.

5. Squat knee strike


Source: Omri Rachmut

To start place your feet shoulder width apart (optional: have a light to medium weight in each hand). Perform a deep squat making sure to keep the weight on the heels. Once you are back to an upright position, drive one of your knees up to your chest, into a front knee strike. Use heavier weights and/or an ankle resistance band to make this move more challenging.

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