Trump’s Doctor Visit Reveals He’s in Better Health Than the Average American From These States

President Donald Trump had a physical exam recently — and the doctor says he’s in near perfect health. Though he’s considered on the heftier side when it comes to his weight, his lungs, heart, and blood pressure all checked out as normal. Considering he’s 71 years old and taking on a world of stress daily, that’s pretty impressive.

So how does your own health stack up against Trump’s? While some states are known for having the healthiest populations, other states are well documented for their troubles. Here are the places in the country where the average American is a lot worse off than Trump in the following health categories.

1. Least likely to live as long as Trump: Mississippi

Welcome to Mississippi

Mississippi has some serious public health issues. | Meinzahn/iStock/Getty Images

The good news is the average life expectancy for an American is nearly 79 years. The bad news is this number goes down significantly if you live in Mississippi. Trump is 71 and going strong — but you’re only expected to live to 75 if you’re from this state, says USA Today.

So what causes many Mississippians to only outlive Trump by four years? Poor diet and lack of exercise certainly plays a role, as residents of this state are the least active in America. If you want to outlive Trump, it’s advised you move to Hawaii instead.

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2. Worse vision than Trump: Ohio, Florida, and North Dakota

Mar-a-Lago on Palm Beach Island

Mar-a-Lago’s home state has vision problems. | Wangkun Jia/iStock/Getty Images

The Guardian reports the president has 20/30 vision without the aid of glasses, according to the newly published medical exam. Everything else regarding his eye health was normal, as well.

The same can’t be said for residents of Cleveland, however, as BenefitsPRO notes this city has the worst vision health overall. And they’re not the only ones who need to worry. Starmount Life Insurance’s blog, SmileInSight, says Florida has the highest prevalence of cataracts, and North Dakota residents have the highest levels of age-related macular degeneration.

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3. Higher weight than Trump: West Virginia

charleston, west virginia

Many people in West Virginia struggle with obesity. | Joe Raedle/Getty Images

As the doctor’s report noted, Trump is nearly 6-foot-3 and 239 pounds. Vox explains this puts his BMI just one point shy of obese (though we know by now there are many aspects of health to take into account aside from the body mass index). Even so, there’s one state in particular that claims the highest obesity rate: West Virginia.

Lack of access to affordable healthy foods and fewer opportunities for physical fitness are a driving force behind why 37.7% of this state’s population is obese, says U.S. News & World Report. If these areas can improve, so can the residents’ health.

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4. Higher blood pressure than Trump: West Virginia

Huntington West virginia sunset

High blood pressure is a problem in The Mountain State, too.  | Albert Tibbs/iStock/Getty Images

Trump’s blood pressure is 122/74 — and while it’s not perfect, the doctor who performed his physical reports it’s normal. But residents from West Virginia strike out again on the list. Almost 43% of those from this state reportedly have high blood pressure, which makes sense when you consider the link between obesity and hypertension.

Coming in at a close second is Mississippi, followed by Alabama. It seems the lack of fresh fruits and veggies and regular exercise is to blame here.

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5. Worse dental health than Trump: Mississippi

Greenville Mississippi

Mississippians need to work on their smiles. | City of Greenville, Mississippi, Government via Facebook

Trump’s teeth and gums are perfectly healthy, says the report. Unfortunately for those in Mississippi, their dental health ranks the lowest. Dentistry IQ scored states based on access to dental benefits on adult Medicaid and other health care plans, the rate of toothlessness, the number of dentists in the area, and levels of fluoride in the water. Mississippi came in dead last, with a score of 29.3% out of 100%.

There’s good news for Minnesota residents, though, as they scored the highest with a 92.9%.

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6. Worse lungs than Trump: Kentucky

Louisville, KY

Kentucky has the highest rate of lung cancer in the country. | toddtaulman/iStock/Getty Images

The president doesn’t smoke, which benefits his health greatly. The report says his lungs are totally clear — but the same can’t be said for many residents from Kentucky. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports Kentucky had the highest rate of incidences of lung cancer in the entire country. And unsurprisingly, the state also had the most deaths.

There are a few other states that have startlingly high rates of lung cancer, as well, including Arkansas, Mississippi, and West Virginia. As for the states with the cleanest lungs, residents of Utah are the clear winners.

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7. Higher cholesterol than Trump: Alabama

Welcome to Alabama road sign on US-84 near Gordon

Alabama has a problem with cholesterol. |

Though Trump’s in pretty decent health overall, his cholesterol could use some work. The report says his overall cholesterol level is 223, with his LDL (the bad kind) at 143. Medical News Today says his total cholesterol is on the normal-to-high range, and ideally, LDL should stay below 100.

According to data compiled by America’s Health Ranking, 42% of adults in Alabama were told by a professional that their cholesterol was high. Arkansas and Kentucky weren’t far behind, either.

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