The Disturbing Reason Behind Trump’s Decision to Deny Medical Access to His Nephew’s Sick Baby

No matter what your opinion on Donald Trump is, we all know him for his business-savvy nature and current presidency. And though we hear plenty about Ivanka and Melania, there are a few forgotten Trumps along the way. Donald Trump has siblings many never hear about — one of which is his late brother, Fred Trump Jr.

It’s not every day Donald talks about Freddy, but now, their relationship is coming to light. And there was once a time when the current president cut off medical care to Freddy’s son’s child when he needed it most. Here’s how the drama unfolded.

1. Freddy, Donald’s older brother, was often seen as the ‘disappointment’

Freddy Trump smiling on a boat.

Freddy Trump died at an early age. | Global TV via YouTube

Donald Trump’s father, Fred Sr., wanted to see all of his children succeed — but one in particular just didn’t quite fit. While Donald has obviously made a name for himself, Yahoo further explains his sister Maryanne is an accomplished judge, and his brother Robert and sister Elizabeth are also successful businesspeople. Fred Trump Jr., on the other hand, was considered a “disappointment” by his family.

Freddy was eight years older than Donald and wanted no part of the family business. And because of the pressure from their father, he pursued his love of flying, dropped the family work, and began drinking heavily.

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2. Donald and Freddy Jr. had a complicated relationship

Fred Trump in a photo on President Trump's desk.

Donald Trump keeps a photo of his late father in his office. | Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

Donald was clearly the favored child in the family, and that put him at odds with his alcoholic brother. Though Freddy was known as a handsome and larger-than-life individual, he was also incredibly self-destructive — and Donald wanted little to do with him. A girlfriend of Freddy’s best friend recalls to The New York Times that Donald often picked fights with Freddy and there was “a lot of combustion” between them.

Despite their differences, Freddy warned Donald against ever drinking or smoking due to his own addictions. And after Freddy’s vices eventually killed him, Donald kept his promise and has never drank or smoked.

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3. When Fred Trump Sr. died, Freddy Jr. wasn’t in the will

Donald Trump and his father in New York City.

Donald appears to have been Donald Sr.’s favorite. | Celebrities TV via YouTube

He may have been a failure in the eyes of his father, but Freddy was a successful airline pilot. Heavy reports his adventures in the air also led him to meet his wife, an airline flight attendant. Though the couple later divorced, they did have two children together, Fred III and Mary.

As if Freddy Jr.’s death wasn’t chaotic enough, even more drama ensued when the Trump family patriarch passed away. The New York Times notes when Fred Sr.’s will was unveiled, it revealed Freddy Jr. was not getting any money at all.

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4. The Trump family promised nephew Freddy III that they’d take care of his sick son’s medical bills

Fred and Freddy Trump's graves.

A promise that they did not deliver. | Global TV via YouTube

The Hill reports Fred Sr. left a $20 million inheritance to be divided amongst the Trump kids. As stated before, Freddy Jr. was left out of the will — and that raised suspicion amongst Freddy Jr.’s two kids. It turns out Donald helped draft his father’s will before his death, and he may have had some influence over this decision.

Freddy’s son, Fred III was also going through dire straights at the time of Fred Sr.’s death. His wife went into labor the night of the funeral and gave birth to a son with cerebral palsy. With the $20 million inheritance, the Trumps told Fred III all medical expenses would be paid for, however.

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5. Fred III sued the Trumps after a dispute with the will, and Donald did the unthinkable

Donald Trump at World Economic Forum.

Did they leave him out out on purpose? | Fabrice Coffrini/AFP/Getty Images

Unsurprisingly, Freddy Jr. being left out of the will didn’t sit well with Fred III. According to Donald, Fred Sr. had dementia and needed help crafting it, and that’s why his kids were involved. But Heavy explains Fred III and his sister sued Donald and his siblings for leaving their late brother out of the will purposely.

Either way, the Trumps didn’t take the legal threat lightly. And instead of paying for Fred III’s son’s medical expenses as promised, Donald cut off benefits from the family plan that were paying for his nephew’s son’s care.

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6. Donald says he really likes Fred III after all is said and done

Donald Trump with a frowning face.

Then why was he left out of the will? | Chris Kleponis-Pool/Getty Images

Donald says he was angry because of Fred III’s decision to sue, and that’s why he cut off medical care. But The New York Times notes it seems to be all water under the bridge now. Donald says it was all settled “very amicably” and that he actually likes Fred III quite a lot. Fred III worked in real estate, which garnered respect from his uncle.

We like to think the current president made things right in the end. As for Fred III’s son’s medical expenses, we may never know if they were paid for.

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7. And Donald also says he’s grown to appreciate his late brother, despite their chaotic years

Donald Trump making a slicing motion at Republican debate.

He appears to miss his brother.| Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images

You may not view the current president as a particularly emotional man, but he’s given some impassioned speeches in the past when discussing his late brother. The New York Times says Donald once uttered about Freddy Jr., “He would have been an amazing peacemaker if he didn’t have the problem, because everybody loved him. He’s like the opposite of me.”

Donald was also influenced by Freddy in another way. The president says he tells people they’ve got to love what they’re doing in order to be successful, and he learned that from his brother, Daily Mail Online reports.

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