If You’re Trying to Lose Weight Julianne Hough’s Trainer Says You Must Do These Things

Julianne Hough has a figure that is envied and a fitness routine that is beyond admirable. But the blonde beauty doesn’t get into fantastic shape all by herself. Hough turns to Astrid Swan McGuire, the model-turned-trainer that made it big with her classes for Barry’s Bootcamp. Here are some of her tips for losing weight.

Stay positive

Julianne Hough on red carpet

Positivity is an important part of Juliann Hough’s routine. | Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images

McGuire tells Livingly that she encourages her clients to be more confident, so they in turn can feel better about their weight loss journey. “If someone says, ‘Oh, I suck. Oh, I’m fat,’ I immediately say, ‘Give me three positive things,'” she says. “It changes their attitude, maybe they walk out a little bit taller, and also a little more toned, but they feel good about themselves.”

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Don’t skip meals

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Don’t skip meals — just make sure they’re healthy. | iStock.com/Roxiller

As a former model, McGuire knows about an industry that discourages eating. But the fitness guru also knows the importance of keeping yourself fueled. “I was the girl teaching my roommates that eating was actually good for them,” she tells Livingly. (It also doesn’t hurt that eating a balanced diet boosts your metabolism and helps you lose weight.)

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Drink plenty of water

It’s almost impossible to drink too much water. | iStock

McGuire tells New Beauty that she always has water with her. But carrying a bottle wherever you go isn’t just for staying hydrated after a workout session. Drinking water regularly helps boost your metabolism and cleanse your body. Bonus: It also acts as an appetite suppressant.

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Know that you’re an individual

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Your workout routine should be based on you. | iStock.com/warrengoldswain

When it comes to losing weight, knowing your own limits and accepting that your body is an individual work in progress is key. So it’s no surprise that on McGuire’s website, her teaching and sessions as “based on your specific needs and goals.” No matter whom you train with, having a trainer who has your individual goals in mind is key to furthering your weight loss journey.

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Get your zzz’s

Sleep is incredibly important. | Marjot/iStock/Getty Images

Few things can hurt your metabolism quite like losing sleep. As Daily Burn reminds us, individuals who don’t get enough shut-eye have more trouble controlling their blood sugar and are often more hungry (and craving unhealthy foods). Knowing how much sleep you need as an individual is huge, and McGuire knows it. “Some people can be all right with six hours of sleep. I need eight,” she tells Livingly.

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Don’t be afraid to push yourself

Happy young women talking in gym.

You should feel great after a workout but also tired. | iStock.com/Jacob Ammentorp Lund

Even a fitness guru like McGuire challenges herself with different exercises when she isn’t training. But her concept is to push without overdoing it. “The workout has to be something that’s going to make you return,” she tells Livingly. “You want to feel great at the end of the workout, but you also want to feel, ‘Man I’m done!’ I help my clients find that balance.”

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‘Honor’ your body

Do your best, but don’t be too hard on yourself. | Taryn Toomey

E! News snagged this inspiring quote from McGuire: “The best advice I give my celeb clients is to not forget to honor their bodies. They, like all of us, are pulled in many directions and demands and usually on deadlines. Strive to do your best but appreciate that we are all perfectly imperfect!” If there is a pearl of wisdom to help you not get down on yourself or your weight loss goals, this is it.

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