Twins Reveal What They Looked Like Before Spending $20,000 to Look Like Brad Pitt

Imitation may be the strongest form of flattery, but there is definitely a way for imitation to go overboard. Like, perhaps, spending thousands of dollars on plastic surgery so you an look like someone else? Enter Matt and Mike Schlepp, the identical twins who dropped a cool $20,000 to make themselves look like Brad Pitt. And when you see what they looked like before — and hear what they went through to transform — you may never look at the real actor the same way again.

Nose jobs

Mike and Matt standing together and smiling.

These twins underwent a drastic change together. | YouTube

The Schlepps got their work done as part of the MTV show “I Want A Famous Face” when they were 21 years old, The Sun says. As part of the transformation, both brothers got nose jobs. The average nose job costs more than $5,000 — and that’s before including the cost of anesthesia and operating facilities.

Chin and jaw implants

Surgeons working on a client.

They invested in plastic surgery. |

The brothers put themselves through excruciating pain by getting chin and jaw implants to replicate Brad Pitt’s chiseled face. The agony from the procedures lasted for months, and reportedly left both brothers unable to eat meals properly.

Cheek implants

A surgeon holding up an injection.

The pain, time and money was worth it to them. |

Mike reportedly got cheek implants, while Matt claims that he did not. It isn’t clear what kind of cheek augmentation he got, as there is a variety of procedures that can be do to transform this part of the face. Whatever procedure was used, it surely didn’t help all the pain that Mike was already in.

New teeth

Dental tools in mouth during dentist visit.

They needed an A1 smile to complete their transformation. |

As the “before and after” photos reveal, one of the brothers used to sport braces. And anyone who has seen at least one photo of Brad Pitt knows that his handsome smile is full of straight pearly whites. So it’s no surprise that the Schlepps dropped a ton of money to get porcelain veneers. They reportedly have 41 fake teeth between the two of them.

Since being on the show…

The brothers sit on a couch together.

They’ve had mixed reactions, but love their appearances. | YouTube

There’s no word as to whether the Schlepps had more procedures done since being on the now-cancelled MTV show. What we do know is that the two aspiring actors appear to be happy with the results. In their interview for the show, they said they would do the transformation again, and encouraged others to get plastic surgery as well.

Reaction from others

Brad Pitt driving a car in a movie.

What would Brad Pitt think about this? | YouTube

While the brothers appear happy with their cosmetic surgeries, others don’t seem to be quite as keen on it. The internet has mocked the twins for spending so much money on procedures that left them looking nothing like Brad Pitt. Matt said in his interview that ex-girlfriends are in such shock by the transformation that they say they want to cry.

The most terrifying plastic surgery ever?

Sahar Tabar smiling in a photograph.

Quite a popular trend. | YouTube

So why are Matt and Mike Schlepp creating such a frenzy almost ten years after they went through their initial transformation? It’s all thanks to Sahar Tabar, the Iranian girl who claims to have undergone 50 surgeries in order to look like Brad Pitt’s ex-partner, Angelina Jolie. And after seeing photos of Tabar, the Schlepp’s transformations don’t seem so extreme. However, Tabar later admitted to using Photoshop to manipulate her face, not plastic surgery.

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