5 Types of People Who Might Not Be Marriage Material

Do you hope to get married one day? Make sure you choose wisely. Picking the wrong mate could cause you a lifetime of emotional pain and even serious health problems. Here are five types of people you don’t want to marry.

1. The adult-child

a heterosexual couple lie on their stomachs in bed while they have a discussion

You don’t have to put up with childish behavior. | iStock.com

The adult-child is an adult on the outside, but all child on the inside. This type of partner will consult his or her parents about every major decision and only turn to you as an afterthought. And don’t even think about saying anything less than complimentary about your partner’s parents. You’ll feel the wrath as he or she fiercely defends their honor. You’ll have to walk on eggshells in order to keep the peace. Unless you want to play parent to your spouse the rest of your life, you should step away from this type of person.

2. The checkout girl/guy

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When they are around, you just argue. | iStock.com

You’ll recognize the checkout guy or girl after a few months. When things are going well, everything is rainbows and unicorns. You couldn’t be happier. However, once your relationship hits a rough patch, you don’t hear from him or her for days. Rather than attempting to work through problems, your partner will simply disappear. This behavior will just continue to get worse after you get hitched. After you settle in and get into the routine of married life, your checkout guy or girl suddenly has nothing interesting to say or contribute. Once the excitement of dating and engagement winds down, your partner just stops trying.

3. The escape artist

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The escape artist only desires marriage so he or she can escape another situation. | iStock.com

This partner only desires marriage so he or she can escape another situation. It could be money trouble, loneliness, or some other hidden agenda. Do your best to ask the right questions during your dates. The answers will clue you in on his or her intentions. Don’t get stuck with someone who is merely looking for a golden ticket.

4. The volcano

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Marrying someone with anger issues could be too much to handle. | iStock.com

Saying this person needs anger management is an understatement. A person with a volcanic temper will be set off by benign comments and swear you’re looking for ways to undermine his or her success. Pay attention to signs of anger issues while you’re dating. Psychologist Steven Stonsy says angry people tend to have a sense of entitlement. “Resentful and angry people see themselves as merely reacting to an unfair world. They often feel offended by what they perceive as a general insensitivity to their ‘needs.’ As a result, they are likely to feel attacked by any attempt to point out the ways in which they are unfair, much less the effects of their behavior or others,” says Stonsy.

5. The player

a player

A player isn’t the one you want to marry. | iStock.com

This partner wasn’t ready to settle down before and still won’t be ready to settle down after the wedding. Move on before you get married and become the paranoid spouse, constantly looking for signs of cheating. Life coach and infidelity expert Suzie Johnson says trust is key to having a satisfying union. It’s a bad idea to marry someone you don’t trust.

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