The Types of People You Should Never Have Sex With

One special part of being in a relationship is sharing physical intimacy. It feels good to get to the point in your relationship where you feel comfortable enough to be fully vulnerable. However, it’s important to be careful about who you share your body with. There are certain types of people who will not handle this privilege with care. Here are 10 types of people you should never have sex with.

1. Someone who doesn’t want to have safe sex

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Always have safe sex. |

You should have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to unsafe sex. Sadly, there’s a new trend that has gotten a lot of attention lately called stealthing. This is when someone slips off the condom during intercourse without letting his or her partner know about it. Someone might do this to get revenge, obtain power over someone else, or because the person is only thinking about their own pleasure. This is a dangerous practice that puts the other person at risk for pregnancy (if they’re a female) or a sexually transmitted infection.

2. Someone with poor hygiene

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Yep, you stink.|

A partner’s poor hygiene practices are not only disgusting, but can also put you at risk for infections (oral, respiratory, and genital). Talk to your partner about being cleaner, especially before it’s time to hit the sheets. If he or she refuses to change, let your partner know you’re off limits until they become reacquainted with toothpaste, soap, and water. Good hygiene is a must — your health could depend on it.

3. Your boss

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Your boss might be a hottie, but it might not end well. |

This should go without saying, but having sex with your boss is almost always a recipe for disaster. If your boss decides he or she is bored with you and doesn’t want to be with you anymore, you’ll most likely be out of a job. It’s also not recommended to sleep with a boss who threatens to fire you if you don’t have sex with him or her. In a situation like this, you should document and report the behavior immediately.

4. A selfish lover

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Sex should involve give and take. |

Having sex with someone who is selfish in bed is not enjoyable. You deserve pleasure just as much as your partner. If your partner ends sex as soon as he or she is done, this is a problem. If you address the issue and your partner continues to focus only on him or herself and disregards your needs in bed, it’s time to make this person an ex.

5. Someone you feel sorry for

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Just say no to charity sex. |

Engaging in sexual activity with someone just because you feel sorry for him or her is not such a great idea. This person deserves to be with someone who cares about their well-being and truly wants to be involved with them sexually. Don’t misrepresent your intentions and risk hurting someone who might be a lot more into you than you realize.

6. Your best friend

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Best friend or friend with benefits? |

If you have a very strong friendship, you’ll need to think about the possibility that you won’t be friends after you’ve had a sexual relationship. What’s more important to you — getting some sexy time or preserving your friendship? There’s always the chance you could go from friends to having a serious romantic relationship, but it might not work out. If things go south, you’ll lose not only your partner but also your friend. It’s a double loss that will likely take twice as long to get over. So, think carefully before transitioning from friend to friends with benefits.

7. Your ex

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This could end up being a bad idea. |

Some exes use this as bait to make their former partner think it’s a sign that they might get back together. The sad truth is your former flame is likely just trying to get some action and isn’t interested in a love connection. If you decide to sleep with an ex, do so at your own risk. Unless you want to be left heartbroken, it’s best to completely move on instead of having sex in the hopes that it will lead you to reunite.

8. Someone who won’t take no for an answer

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No means no, nothing, zero, stop, nada. |

Someone who keeps pushing you to have sex shouldn’t be in your bed. Don’t just give in because the person insists. You are in control of your body and you shouldn’t feel obligated to have sex because someone wants you to. Be firm about your decision not to have sex and clearly state your position on the matter. If you’re alone with this person, make your best effort to get to a public place as soon as possible.

9. Your best friend’s partner

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This isn’t going to end very well. |

No matter how alluring your best friend’s partner is, stay away. When it comes to friendship, this is the ultimate betrayal. If your friend did this to you, how would you feel? Now take this feeling and magnify it by 10. Do yourself (and your friend) a favor, and back off. No matter how much you think you’d enjoy yourself, it’s not worth ruining a solid friendship over. Take a cold shower.

10. Someone you don’t respect

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Don’t even think about it; just move along. | Source: iStock

When you think of people you’d like to have some “alone time” with, someone you have no respect for is unlikely to be on your list. We all have those moments when we’re overwhelmed by lusty feelings. The only thing is, giving into the lure of a quick fix could cause you to make a decision you’ll regret later. If you don’t respect the person you’re thinking of doing the horizontal polka with, walk away.

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