This 1 Unsettling Fact Will Make You Rethink Melania and Donald Trump’s Marriage

One of the hardest parts of being married while serving in the White House is that your relationships are under constant scrutiny. Many people wonder about the details of the personal lives of Melania and Donald Trump. Although their private lives are mostly best kept private, there is one not-so-private detail that has some people scratching their heads. And it’s not the rumor about Melania and Donald sleeping in separate bedrooms. In fact, it’s something so obvious you might not have even noticed.

Here is the one unsettling fact that will make you rethink Melania and Donald Trump’s marriage.

Family ties

Viktor and Amalija Knavs, the parents of US First Lady Melania Trump

Melania’s parents walk across the South Lawn of the White House in June 2017. | MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images

Family is very important to Melania Trump. In an article for GQ magazine, friends and neighbors talk about how close her family in Slovenia is, and how Melania’s dad is a hardworking businessman. Her family is admired and spoken of highly. In addition, she once told People she takes her role as a mother seriously, making sure she is involved in every aspect of Barron’s life. Family is her top priority. So, it’s safe to assume there’s something about Donald that reminds Melania of home.

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An uncanny resemblance

Does Melania’s father look like Donald Trump? | Hot News 24h Today via YouTube

Some people think there are similarities between a member of Melania’s family and Donald Trump. Matt Novak, a technology writer for Gizmodo, posted a photo of Melania’s parents on his Twitter account. Some on social media and even media outlets thought her father, Viktor Knavs, bore a striking resemblance to President Trump. It was hard for some not to notice the similarities, such as the red necktie, suit, and facial expression.

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They have more in common than their looks

Donald and Melania Trump

Melania’s father has a similar temperament to Trump. | Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Some of Melania’s childhood friends and former classmates told The New York Times that her father and Trump are alike in many ways. They said Melania’s father and Trump have similar personalities. Her friends described Knavs as being “larger-than-life,” and that he reminded them of Donald Trump. Melania’s friends also noted Knavs’ confidence, which they also say mirrors Trump’s personality.

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Friends say they’re a perfect match

Donald Trump's face close up panning to Melania.

A match made in heaven? | Giphy

In addition to the father resembelance, Melania prefers not to be in the spotlight, instead allowing Donald to have the attention. This is why some of their friends say they’re perfect for each other. One of the couple’s friends, William Eubanks, is reported in Vanity Fair as saying Melania has no problem letting her husband take the lead. “She enjoys her role of stepping back and letting him take center stage,” said Eubanks.

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They believe in classic gender roles in their home

Donald Trump, Barron Trump and Melania Trump walking across a lawn.

Despite everything, she focuses on raising her son herself. | Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images

As Melania puts it to Parenting, her first job is to be a full-time mom for Barron. She’s the primary caretaker for him as Donald goes about his business life — and even when she’s pursuing her own passions, she’s still the one Barron sees on a consistent basis.

And when Melania was asked if Donald helped with childcare duties, she responded with, “He didn’t change diapers and I am completely fine with that. … It’s very important to know the person you’re with. And we know our roles.” Even with her domestic duties, the first lady still maintains that she thrives on her do-it-yourself outlook on life.

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This unsettling fact might surprise you

Trump and Melania in Texas

Trump is nearly a quarter century older than Melania.| Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

Donald and Melania might look like any other married couple at first glance. However, besides being the most powerful couple in the country right now, they aren’t just like any other couple. One fact about the pair that might be surprising is their age difference. Donald is only five years younger than Melania’s father, Viktor Knavs. Melania was born in 1970 and Donald was born in 1946. This gives them a whopping 24-year age gap.

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Another noticeable age gap

Ivanka and Melania Trump Phone

Melania is just 11 years older than Ivanka. | TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images

Another thing that might shock you is how close Ivanka Trump and Melania are in age. Ivanka was born in 1981 and Melania was born in 1970. This makes Melania just 11 years older than Donald’s daughter. Apparently, Donald likes very young women. This might not come as much of a surprise to some, considering he has said on more than one occasion that if Ivanka weren’t his daughter he would probably be dating her.

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Trump’s view on significant age differences

Donald Trump crowns the new Miss USA Nana Meriwether (C) alongside newly appointed Miss Universe Olivia Culpo (L) in 2013

Donald Trump has a thing for younger women. | Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty Images

Not everyone seems to think the age difference is a big deal. Apparently, Trump doesn’t mind if there’s a large gap between him and a woman. In Fire and Fury, he reportedly said that the bigger the age gap (if the woman is younger), the better. In the book, author Michael Wolff claims Trump believed if a man was considerably older than his wife, she would be less likely to take cheating personally.

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Melania agrees her father and Donald are alike

Melania Trump and Donald Trump

Melania only had an air kiss to offer her husband at his inauguration. | Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images

Some say that we look for something familiar when we choose our spouse or partner. Perhaps Melania has found that something familiar in Donald Trump. She is quoted in GQ as saying her father and Donald are alike. “They’re both hardworking … They’re both very smart and very capable. They grew up in totally different environments, but they have the same values, they have the same tradition. I myself am similar to my husband … So is my dad; he is a family man, he has tradition, he was hardworking. So is my husband,” said Melania in her interview with GQ.

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Other White House couples who had a large age gap

President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy

President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy had a 12-year age gap.| National Archive/Newsmakers/Getty Images

Donald and Melania aren’t the only White House couple who have a significant age gap. Plenty of others in the White House had more than a few years between them. James and Dolley Madison had a 17-year age gap between them. Woodrow and Edith Wilson had 15 years between them. Millard and Abigail Fillmore had 13. John F. Kennedy and wife Jackie had a 12-year age gap.

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