Unusual Royal Baby Traditions You Had No Idea Existed

Forget about the children of Hollywood celebrities. No child’s birth is as extravagant, or as compelling, as one that takes place in the Royal Family. The arrival of a new baby is steeped in traditions, even some unusual ones that have been practiced for centuries. (Some other traditions have been broken in recent decades. But we’ll get to that in a second.) Here’s a look at royal baby traditions you may not have known existed.

A due date isn’t normally announced

Kate Middleton blinking and smiling slightly.

Those early pregnancy symptoms were not fun for Kate. | Giphy

It seems like the first question to ask an expecting mother is when she’s due, right? This isn’t the case for the Royal Family. Pregnancy isn’t even announced until the mother is around 12 weeks along! However, an exception was made for Kate Middleton this past year, when severe morning sickness from her third pregnancy kept her from attending a charity event.

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