Vaping Doubles Your Risk of This — But It’s Still Better Than Smoking

In the past decade, rates of tobacco use across the United States have dropped. As this decades-old trend has begun to fade, a new one has taken its place. Vaping — the maybe-less-dangerous practice of “smoking” an e-cigarette — is on the rise. But are we really healthier because of it?

The more people engaged in the vaping trend, the more researchers are able to study its long-term side effects. They’ve recently discovered one possible consequence no one really thought of — and it might make you think twice before hopping on board the bandwagon.

The dangers of ‘dripping’

Dripping can make an already unhealthy habit even worse. | TOLGA AKMEN/AFP/Getty Images

The practice of dripping liquid directly onto the hot coils of an e-cigarette — called “dripping” — produces a thicker, more flavorful vapor cloud than heating the liquid as originally intended. It also poses a greater health risk to anyone who does it.

Dripping exposes e-cigarette users to higher levels of potentially harmful chemicals than slowly heating the liquid would. It’s a growing trend, and not a harmless one.

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Vaping can still mess with your lungs

woman coughing

Vaping has some of the same effects as smoking. |

Cigarettes destroy your lungs. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that smoking causes about 90% of COPD cases diagnosed in the United States.

Is vaping really better for your lungs than lighting a cigarette? From what we know so far — and we don’t know much, since e-cigarettes are still so new — it’s still possible to get lung diseases from vaping. “Smoker’s cough,” or chronic bronchitis, could become “vaper’s cough” in the future.

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Can e-cigarettes give you cancer?

Scientists are still studying the effects of vaping. | DAVID MCNEW/AFP/Getty Images

It’s a misconception that smoking tobacco is worse for your health when considering your cancer risk specifically.

The chemicals in e-cigarette smoke — like nicotine, lead, and others — might increase humans’ risk of cancer, though researchers aren’t sure yet. It does so in mice, but those results have prompted scientists to look more closely into vaping’s possible carcinogenic effects.

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Vaping is still better for you than smoking …

No smoking sign inside the room in the hotel

Vaping lacks the worst effects of cigarettes. |

The biggest difference between vaping and smoking is the tobacco — or lack thereof. This substance, present in traditional cigarettes but not e-cigarette liquid, is biologically destructive. It coats the insides of your lungs and encourages cancer cell growth. You can even give yourself carbon monoxide poisoning.

E-cigarettes completely eliminate the health risks associated with burning tobacco. Unfortunately, they’re still questionable — especially when it comes to one key area of your health.

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… but it doubles your risk of having a heart attack

Vaping puts you at high risk for a heart attack. |

Some preliminary research might suggest that vaping regularly can significantly increase your risk of having a heart attack. Cigarette smoking triples your heart attack risk, so it’s true that vaping is slightly less dangerous — but you’re still putting your health in danger.

Your risk increases the more you vape, so if it’s a daily habit, even cutting back slightly might be a reasonable option.

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It might also poison you

Doctor operating CT scanner

You’re still inhaling chemicals. | Photo_Concepts/iStock/Getty Images

Vaping doesn’t increase your risk of carbon monoxide poisoning like smoking does. However, you’re not necessarily safe from harmful toxins.

Do you know what you’re actually inhaling when you vape? Still a bunch of chemicals — possibly some extremely dangerous ones. According to Johns Hopkins researchers, some of the metals found in e-cigarette liquids, when heated to high temperatures, could become cancerous.

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It helps some people quit smoking, but others might start

Man smoking a cigarette

Is vaping a gateway to cigarette smoking? | Studio

Vaping has helped many adults stop smoking cigarettes. However, it’s also had an unexpected side effect: encouraging teens to pick up a tobacco habit instead.

Past research suggests people who start vaping in their teens are up to seven times more likely to start smoking cigarettes. Many call it a “gateway drug,” encouraging vulnerable populations to engage in seemingly less risky behaviors that are actually harmful long-term.

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