Want to Live to Be 100? This Diet Can Help Prolong Your Life

It’s no secret that no one lives forever, but there are those who live significantly longer than their peers. This impressive population of people are called centenarians, as they have passed the age of 100. According to CNN, the number of people hitting this milestone age has grown tremendously in recent years.

Joining this prestigious group requires healthy habits and the right lifestyle choices. The great thing is that you have the power to impact how well you age, how long you live, and the quality of life you’re able to enjoy. The secrets to longevity are found in the everyday choices you make.

Eat more plants

roasted vegetable medley in a bowl

Add more veggies to your diet. | iStock.com

You may love a big bowl of pasta or a regular hamburger, but if you want to extend your lifespan, a plant-based diet is the way to go. A diet comprising of primarily plants is the most well-studied diet in extending longevity and reducing the risk of disease. For a long, healthy life (plus great skin) opt for leafy greens, berries, root vegetables, and legumes over empty carbs and sugar.

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