Want to Make Your Metabolism Skyrocket? Give These Fat-Busting Supplements a Try

Want to lose weight without hitting the gym? Give metabolism-boosting supplements a try. Incorporating supplements formulated to enhance the body’s metabolism, increase energy levels, and curb appetite can boast some serious results. From green coffee bean extract to a sleep-enhancing supplement that supports a healthy metabolism, we share the most effective supplements for losing weight and boosting your metabolism.

1. HUM Nutrition Skinny Bird – $40

A bottle of HUM Skinny Bird supplements

Keep cravings from wrecking your weight-loss progress with a gentle appetite suppressor. | HUM Nutrition

Want to boost your metabolism, curb your appetite, and reduce stress-eating? Give HUM Nutrition’s Skinny Bird a try. Made from a unique vegan formula, the all-natural weight-loss supplement can help speed up your metabolism.

And get this: In a 12-week clinical study, hosted by the brand, participants saw nearly 2 inches vanish around their waistline in under 10 weeks. Talk about promising results!

2. Reserveage Green Coffee Bean Extract With Raspberry Ketones – $37

A bottle of Green Coffee Bean Extract with Raspberry Ketones

This weight-loss supplement can replace your sugary coffee. | Reserveage Nutrion

If you’re a fan of Dr. Oz, you’ve probably heard a thing or two about the magic of green coffee bean extract. If you aren’t, here’s what you need to know: Thanks to its caffeine and high levels of chlorogenic acid, green coffee beans have a natural weight-loss effect. And one of the easiest ways to reap the benefits of green coffee bean extract is through supplements. Reserveage Green Coffee Bean Extract works to naturally boost metabolism and aid in weight loss.

3. Moon Juice Power Dust – $38

A container of Power Dust Moon Juice Herbal Supplement

You can add this supplement to your drinks and food. | Moon Juice

A boost in metabolism calls for a boost in energy. Formulated to increase energy levels and reduce fatigue, Moon Juice Power Dust is a great way to power your body naturally. We love this energy-boosting powder for its versatility and ability to get us moving and grooving. You can add it to tea, coffee, water, pancakes — you name it! 

4. Rainbow Light Sleep Z-z-zen – $29

A bottle of Rainbow Light Sleep Z-z-zen

The answer to your constant sleep problems. | Rainbow Light

Did you know that in order to promote a healthy metabolism, you have to get some sleep? Rainbow Light Sleep Z-z-zen uses a blend of ingredients specifically formulated to promote healthy sleeping patterns and, in turn, optimize metabolism function, memory, immunity, and more.

5. Elemis Invigorating Cal-Metab Plus Dietary Supplement – $55

Elemis Invigorating Cal-Metab Plus Dietary Supplement

These supplements do it all. | Dermstore

Looking to drop a few pounds? Give Elemis Invigorating Cal-Metab a try. Formulated to boost the metabolism, curb your appetite, and reduce cholesterol, the dietary supplement features vitamins and minerals that work harmoniously to maintain a healthy thyroid, complexion, and of course, give your metabolism the kickstart it needs.

6. OLLY Endless Energy – $14

Olly Energy For Endurance and Focus bottle on white background

You’re never too old for a yummy gummy vitamin. | OLLY Nutrition

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all have endless energy? Well, now we can. With OLLY Endless Energy you can supercharge your workout or your work day and, while you’re at it, boost your metabolism, too! Formulated with a complex of caffeine from green tea and amino acid L-theanine, these chewable vitamins give you a lasting energy boost.

7. Perricone MD Metabolism Booster – $55

Box of Perricone MD Metabolism Booster

Sometimes your metabolism just needs a rev. | Dermstore

Enriched with ginger root, cayenne pepper, and black pepper, the Perricone MD Metabolism Booster helps kickstart weight loss by working to absorb dietary fats and starches and, of course, boost metabolism. In addition, green tea extracts work to increase fat burning and chromium supports the metabolism of carbs, fat, and protein.