Want to Meet Your Weight Loss Goals? This Tool Can Help


Source: Crossrope

Workout equipment can be heavy, bulky, and impossible to transport, so finding something that is none of these things, without sacrificing performance, can be challenging. However, if you’re looking for a tool that can accomplish a great deal and help stay on track with your fitness goals, start with the Crossrope, the first-ever interchangeable weighted jump rope system that offers indoor and outdoor ropes that can be easily interchanged between agility and intensity ropes for ideal, portable interval training.

The basics

Crossrope is a convenient, quick, and portable solution for a high caloric burn with strength and conditioning benefits for full body toning. The Crossrope system features nine cable types and easily adjustable weights, ranging from 2 ounces to 3 pounds for complete customization.

Fit for you

One of the best parts about the rope system is that it’s totally customizable based on your specific needs. On days you want to take it easy, no problem. On days you’re looking to really turn out a stellar workout, perfect. With the ability to adjust on an as-needed basis, the Crossrope offers flexibility for all fitness types.

The app

Crossrope now has an easy-to-use app to provide users with interval workouts for all ability levels, available for free download in the Apple Store.


Source: Crossrope

Crossrope founder Dave Hunt says, “Understanding the basics on how to use a jump rope properly can make all the difference between amazing workouts and pure frustration.” So, next time you jump rope, keep these expert training tips in mind. Hunt says:

  1. “Focus on making small turns with your wrists at hip level to rotate the rope. You want to avoid large movements of your arms to minimize trip ups.”
  2. “Bound lightly off the mid-sole of your foot (not off your toes or off your heels). With proper technique, your feet should only come an inch or two of the ground, which also helps to prevent joint pain and injury that can result from high impact jumping due to improper technique.”
  3. “Perform short, fast intervals around 15-30 seconds for high intensity training when you want to increase your rate of fat burn and improve metabolism.”
  4. “Use longer intervals around 10-20 minutes to improve cardiovascular conditioning.”
  5. “If you are new to jumping and have the option to choose between a light and heavy rope, choose the heavy rope. Weighted ropes are actually easier for beginners to learn with because the weight distributed throughout the rope itself (not the handles) allows for more feedback that makes learning rhythm and coordination much easier!”

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