Signs You May Be Embarrassing Yourself in a Fitness Class Without Even Knowing It

Fitness classes often function like middle school cafeterias. They are cliquey, and they usually involve a little gossip at one individual’s expense — especially if said individual does something during class to embarrass themselves. In fact, there are quite a few ways you can humiliate yourself in the middle of a group workout — whether you notice you are doing it or not!

Not sure if your fellow classmates are snickering at your expense? Here are, in no particular order, the ways people completely embarrass themselves in fitness classes.

Passing gas

red rubber whoopee cushion with reflection on black glass

Is there anything more embarrassing that can happen to you during a fitness class? |

Of all the ways you can humiliate yourself in a fitness class, this is probably the most unavoidable. That being said, is there anything more embarrassing than letting one rip in the middle of a full classroom? This unfortunate incident occurs because doing exercises where you are squeezing your core muscles are probably also pushing on your colon, Women’s Health Magazine explains. So if you’re doing an aerobics class, spin class, what have you … you are at risk of this mortification.

Luckily, there is a way to save yourself from this form of fitness class humiliation. Avoid gas-producing foods ahead of any workout, and carbonated beverages.

Smelling up the class

Woman with sweating under armpit in yellow dress

There’s nothing sweet about smelling of B.O. |

To be honest, all exercise classes get pretty smelly no matter what. But there is a surefire difference between smelling sweat and smelling straight body odor. And if you are that person that doesn’t apply deodorant before class, there’s a chance nobody wants to stand anywhere near you.

There’s a simple fix here. Always have a travel-size deodorant handy. And opt for a stick that is aluminum-free, so your body won’t absorb the mineral whilst still keeping you smell-free. Your sweat glands will stay working, and your classmates’ noses will thank you.

Wearing something that doesn’t absorb sweat

man wearing T-shirt and sweating

Sweat can stain. |

With workout apparel being a full-blown industry, it’s hard to wear something to class that isn’t made of super sweat-resistant material. But there’s always that one person. Maybe you’re that person — the one in the tight non-breathable polyester shirt with gargantuan pit stains and back sweat.

Everyone sweats, there’s no getting around it. But you should know you shouldn’t wear certain materials to class. Consider sporting a looser-fit fabric and sticking to dark-colored clothes. Oh, and always have an extra towel ready.

Not being aware of their surroundings

person being punched in the face

Class is no time to clock someone in the face! |

You’re in the middle of a dance-heavy Zumba class and go to swing your arm out to the side and kablash! You accidentally punched the person next to you right in the nose.

Having a slapstick moment in the middle of a fitness class is the stuff that nightmares are made of. No matter how packed a class is, it is important to be aware of your surroundings. And if you do smack someone, a simple apology after the fact will hopefully smooth things over.

Pretending to be the teacher

Personal trainer encouraging young woman after a hard training day in the gym

Trying to lead the class is a good way to annoy your classmates and your teacher. |

On the long list of obnoxious people you see at the gym, the know-it-all faux teacher is somewhere toward the top. This is the person who tries to correct everyone else’s form or movements during a fitness class, or nods whenever the teachers talks, in that “I already knew that” kind of way. The worst part about this kind of class-goer is they often don’t know they are embarrassing themselves. Plus, most instructors can’t stand this behavior.

If you catch yourself exuding this behavior, reel it in and let the teacher do his or her job. Remember: There’s a reason someone else is the instructor and you aren’t.

Ripping their pants

Shocked Woman with Torn Jeans

Imagine if this happened to your bottoms in the middle of a class! |

It happens! You’re in the middle of yoga, about to push off the floor into downward-facing dog. And then the seam of your pants decides it’s time to give way and expose some extra skin.

This goes back to wearing the appropriate apparel when you go to class. While formfitting bottoms are a popular choice for fitness classes, wearing the wrong pair can lead to a mid-class wardrobe malfunction. Do a couple practice stretches at home before heading to class to make sure everything is in place. Also, take inventory of the quality of your clothes. Are the seams starting to pull? Is there enough wear and tear that a new pair of pants is needed? Asking these questions will help you avoid this type of humiliation.

Taking themselves too seriously

woman athlete sweating and staring into the camera

Lighten up a little — you’ll be less likely to embarrass yourself. |

Heck, some people take classes more seriously than others. And there’s nothing wrong with that! But, at the end of the day, the classes at your go-to gym are probably meant to be more carefree. So treating class like you’re training for the Olympics comes off as obnoxious. And if you’re that person that takes it way too seriously, there’s a good chance your fellow patrons are making fun of you.

Again, there’s nothing wrong with taking class seriously. But it will behoove you to take a couple deep breaths and enjoy your workout more.