11 Completely Doable Ways to Fight Holiday Weight Gain

‘Tis the season for merriment, celebrating, and complete overindulgence. All of a sudden, your typically healthy diet morphs into one based predominantly on candy, cheese, fatty meats, and pastries thanks to an abundance of holiday parties. Packing on the pounds seems inevitable.

In order to avoid the creep of holiday pounds, you need some strategies. These 11 simple tips will help you keep your figure through the year’s end without losing your mind.

1. Avoid skipping meals

buffet table

Take it easy on the buffet table. | iStock.com

Opting out of breakfast or lunch seems like a good way to reduce calories leading up to a holiday party complete with a buffet and tasty treats. The idea is you have more wiggle room since you reduced your consumption earlier in the day, yet this strategy rarely pays off. If you show up famished, you’ll wind up eating far more than you normally would.

And keep in mind, most of the eats at these get-togethers are very high in calories and low in nutrients that keep you full. A bowl of oatmeal earlier in the day will do a lot more to keep you satisfied than one measly cookie.

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