Healthy Pizza Recipes: 4 Ways to Make a Pizza Healthier

It’s easy to order a cheese pizza from Domino’s or other pizza chains. However, the grease-ridden indulgence can have a lasting impact on your health. And, if you have a family history of heart disease or known risk factors, such as high blood pressure, it is best to stay away. That said, those with relatively healthy diets might not experience the same risks or side effects — especially if they eat homemade pizza instead. Want to have your pizza and eat it too? We share genius ways to make a pizza healthier, ahead.

Homemade Italian-style pizza

Using chicken sausage instead of pepperoni is one way to make a pizza healthier. | sfe-co2/iStock/Getty Images

Ways to make a pizza healthier

Thanks to saturated fats and potentially dangerous health risks, pizza gets a bad rap. And while what happens to your body when you eat pizza shouldn’t be ignored, there are some healthier ways to indulge — starting with a homemade pie versus store-bought. Making pizza from scratch is a sure fire way to avoid (or lighten up on) certain unhealthy ingredients. Plus, knowing what’s in your food — especially a healthy pizza recipe — will leave you feeling less guilty.

Here are some of the best ways to make a pizza healthier:

1. Change up the crust

The crust is obviously a necessary pizza ingredient. However, it can be extremely unhealthy. Some of the most popular ways to make a pizza healthier are to switch up the crust. Whether you make it from whole wheat flour versus white or use ingredients like zucchini and cauliflower to make a crust, the healthy crust options are endless — and delicious. In addition to changing the flour or using veggies, you can also use an English muffin, tortilla, or even a portobello mushroom for a miniature (and healthier) pizza.

2. Make your own sauce

As it turns out, store-bought sauce is actually ridden with secret, unhealthy ingredients like added sugar. Instead of using canned sauce, try making your own at home. Making tomato sauce from scratch is super easy, and once you try it, you won’t go back. In addition to homemade tomato sauce, you can also try tomato slices as a base, pesto, or hummus.

3. Go light on the toppings

You don’t need to leave fattening toppings such as pepperoni out. However, using less or switching to chicken sausage can mean the difference between an unhealthy pizza and a healthy(ish) pizza. Instead of focussing on the processed meats, go for healthy items like veggies to add a punch of flavor to your pie. In addition to veggies, leafy greens like kale or spinach can also make a great addition to pizza.

4. Skip the shredded cheese

Shredded cheese can be high in saturated fats and calories, so instead of piling it on, try fresh mozzarella or low-fat cheeses like ricotta, goat cheese, or low-fat feta. You can also skip the cheese altogether and go for something non-dairy like tofu “cheese.”

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