7 Ways You Can Boost Work Motivation

Day in and day out, it’s hard to come in with the same enthusiasm you began your job with. With each passing day, it’s easy to lose sight of why you began with your career path and what excited you about it in the first place. Before we know it, we begin counting down the hours, the days, the weeks, and the months.

But work discouragement often doesn’t come from the jobs we do, but how we approach them. According to Forbes, you need to approach work with positivity, efficiency, and drive to achieve success.

1. Set goals

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Make sure you have goals in mind. | iStock.com

There are times when people get into ruts, they don’t feel motivated, and tasks seem repetitive. But setting goals for yourself and trying to improve how well you do the work is important for achieving what you want out of your career. Set goals on how to grow in your job, be it a promotion, bonus, raise, or generally increasing the efficiency of your workload. By setting goals, each day you will be working toward something that keeps you moving forward.

2. Focus on positivity outside of your work

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Work on your happiness outside the workplace. | iStock.com/monkeybusinessimages

Sarah Robb O’Hagan, president of Equinox told Fortune, “I believe motivation comes from living a balanced life, both in and out of the office. And exercising can definitely help, both physically and mentally.” For her, exercising is her personal motivation for getting herself in a positive routine, but there are plenty of other ways to focus on positivity outside of work. This means spending time with your family, friends, and loved ones, as well as maintaining a healthy diet.

A positive outlook should never be discounted, either. Redbooth says that our attitude has a huge effect on our performance and staying positive helps our productivity and ability to enjoy life.

3. Spend time with co-workers

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Reach out to your co-workers. | iStock.com

When you first enter a job, you get to know your co-workers a bit. But regardless if you’ve been working at a place for months, or even years, try to reach out and spend time with your co-workers. These relationships keep you energized. This will make you feel that you have a home away from home at work because you can socialize and talk about things that don’t involve what you spend eight hours a day working on. This especially holds true for when you question your career path; getting another perspective on your workplace and the work that you’re doing may help you realize how grateful you are or maybe even help you choose to make a career change.

4. Take a 10-minute break each hour

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Don’t forget to take breaks. | iStock.com

Taking this time to unwind our minds and our soon-to-be carpal tunnel ridden hands and refocus our mental energy will help us in the long run. Days can get monotonous, and this forces us to become exhausted by what we do. During this break, think of your goals and get pumped for whatever you have ahead of you.

5. Find small moments of inspiration

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Take a minute to reflect on what inspires you. | iStock.com

It could be that energizing cup of coffee in the morning that entices you to come to work or that co-worker who you enjoy talking with throughout the day. Even celebrating small victories can help positively reaffirm why you’re good at what you do. Treat yourself!

6. Remind yourself that you’re in charge

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Your future is in your hands. | iStock.com

You’re in charge of your future, your success, and creating and achieving goals; it is all up to you! When we set goals, we rack up self-doubt or fear that we can’t achieve what we want. According to Tiny Buddha, it feels that we have no power and no choice. But often that is completely opposite of reality. We are in charge of our future and the decisions that we make.

7. Engage in positive self-talk

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Don’t be too hard on yourself. | iStock.com/dima_sidelnikov

On a daily basis, tell yourself how excited you are to be at work — how you love what you’re doing and that everything will work out for the best. The more you reaffirm these positive thoughts, the more likely they are to happen. Some positive affirmations you can repeat on a daily basis are:

  • “I am capable.”
  • “I know who I am, and I am enough.”
  • “I am confident.”
  • “I always observe before reacting.”
  • “I love challenges and what I can learn from overcoming them.”

In addition to these mantras, think positive thoughts when you encounter challenges and even stay positive when you achieve success. Positivity will help you stay motivated for any and all challenges and make you excited to come to work each day.