This Is the No. 1 Sign Your Partner Is Destroying Your Health

Your significant other can have a strong impact on your health — everything from how often you exercise to your personal habits. So when your main squeeze negatively influences your life, your health ends up suffering. And you might not even notice the ways your significant other is negatively impacting you! Here are seven ways your partner is wrecking your health — and what you can do to change things for the better (wait till you see what made No. 1).

7. Throwing off your sleep cycle

Man and woman in bed together sleep

He could be interrupting her sleep cycle — and hurting her health in the process. |

There are plenty of couples out there that have different sleep schedules. Maybe your partner wakes up earlier than you do and their alarm wakes you up. Or, you hit the hay a little early, but are awakened by your partner hopping into bed. What you might not know about this common occurrence is that it can be damaging to your overall health. For starters, one study, though somewhat limited, found interrupted sleep is similar to being sleep deprived. Plus, research published in Social Psychological and Personality Science shows couples with conflicting sleep schedules are more likely to fight and be less communicative about problems. (More on arguing a little later.)

What’s a couple to do when they aren’t on the same sleep schedule? Wellness Today suggests having a large mattress and some separate blankets to keep you and your partner from rustling each other awake. They also suggest having a bedtime conversation when the first person goes to sleep. “That way the couple can still bond, but no one gets cranky from staying up too late or getting up too early,” the article says. If one of you is out late, try a quick phone discussion.

6. Encouraging you to just ‘hang out’

couple relaxing on a sofa at home

His couch potato ways are ruining your health! |

Another common thread among couples is the habit of lounging around together and not doing much else. Maybe you want to go for a jog or try out a new restaurant, but you end up sitting around because that’s what your honey wants to do. The problem with that decision is that being a constant couch potato has horrible effects on your physical health. Sitting for long periods of time has been linked to taking years off of your life.

You and your significant other likely spend the bulk of your time separated during work hours, so why not spend your time together engaging in some physical activity? Even an activity as low-key as walking to go run errands can help you both live longer.

5. Not supporting you

Couple snuggled on bench

You will be healthier and happier if you offer each other support. |

When it comes to your lifestyle choices — diet and exercise goals, career choices, etc. — it helps to have support from your partner. Not getting that support goes beyond disappoint you, it also has adverse effects on your health. Lacking a support system, no matter how big or small the issue is, can spike your stress levels. And, as Mayo Clinic summarizes, high stress is a culprit behind elevated blood pressure — which can lead to a whole bevy of health problems.

When it comes to supporting each other, Psychology Today explains, having an open dialogue is important. And articulating how your partner can support you is key as well. “Couples will be happier if they learn how to say, ‘This is how I’m feeling, and this is how you can help me.’”

4. Getting into frequent arguments

young couple not speaking after an argument

Too many tiffs can wreak havoc on your relationship — and your health. |

There’s some grey area when it comes to how often you argue with your significant other. But if your partner is picking fights with you on a regular basis, it can eat away at your mental state. “Couples who regularly battle it out have elevated stress levels that significantly impede their body’s wound healing capacity,” Dr. Brian McDonough tells CBS Philadelphia. “Scientists say this is particularly important during times of illness and recovery from surgery when the body is more vulnerable.” Plus, research published in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health revealed stressful social interactions are linked to having a shorter life.

Since the occasional argument is bound to happen in your relationship, the best you and your partner can do is learn how to diffuse situations effectively. WebMD has an easy-to-follow list of tips for fighting fair, and communicating when something is wrong before it turns into a long, drawn-out fight.

3. Putting too much pressure on you

headache during work at the office

Your honey’s high expectations might be hurting your health. |

Having high expectations is perfectly fine. Heck, there’s nothing wrong with holding your partner to those standards, either — within reason. If your partner is constantly putting pressure on you for multiple reasons — from money issues to expecting the house to always be clean — your stress levels can go through the roof, though. And as we previously discussed, constant stress wreaks havoc on your blood pressure.

Like with many other issues in your relationship, it’s important to communicate to your partner that he or she is putting you under too much stress.

2. Encouraging you to eat poorly

Cheesy pepperoni pizza with one section cut into a slice.

Your partner’s pizza habit is wrecking your health goals. |

There is no diet-breaker greater than a significant other who tries to get you to eat a whole extra-large pizza on a consistent basis. When he or she doesn’t support your decision to improve your diet, you’re less likely to meet your health goals. This can, in turn, make you depressed, and possibly create tension in your relationship. And, of course, eating junk all the time isn’t good for your overall health.

The best solution here is to encourage your partner to make healthier choices with you. As Healthline explains, encouragement is better than demanding things of your partner. This goes for exercising as well as eating better. “Whether it’s doing things like learning to love non-fried food, or breaking free from the oh-so-comfortable couch, there are many ways to help your partner live a healthier lifestyle,” the story says.

1. Pushing bad habits on you

Woman smoker smoking

This is one of many vices that you shouldn’t be picking up from your partner. |

It’s no secret that couples like to do things together. That can become a problem, however, when it comes to their bad habits. Maybe it’s excessive drinking, smoking, or engaging in activities with a high injury rate. Whatever it is, you might feel obligated to partake in your partner’s health-threatening vices. This, as you might imagine, can really hurt your health.

Like with exercising and eating better, encouraging your significant other to engage in healthier habits with you has a lot of upside. Psych Central points out that having a buddy system is pivotal for recognizing bad habits and figuring out how to stop them.