Wedding Nightmares: Heartbreaking Wedding Day Tragedies

Weddings are supposed to be a joyful event. All your family and closest friends are gathered to share your special day and wish you luck. However, it doesn’t always happen that way for some couples. Instead, some wedding days are marked by unspeakable tragedy. Here are 15 heartbreaking wedding day tragedies.

1. Kim Sjostrom

A couple dances at their wedding.

Unfortunately, her day did not turn out as she expected. | Eli77/iStock/Getty Images

Kim Sjostrom, a Florida teacher, had been planning for her wedding to look like a version of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. However, Sjostrom didn’t have the fairy-tale ending she and her guests had imagined. Less than one hour after she married her husband, Teddy Efkarpide, she died in his arms during their first dance. Sjostrom, a diabetic since childhood, is reported to have died from heart disease.

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2. Fabio Jefferson Maciel

A waiter carrying trays of beer at a wedding.

He died in such an unexpected way. | Gvarosky/iStock/Getty Images

Newlyweds Fabio Jefferson Maciel and his new wife, Geise Guimaraes, were enjoying their big day at a  wedding reception in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Little did they know, they would be planning the groom’s funeral just hours later. CBS News reported Maciel was dancing with a bridesmaid when he tripped and fell. He had placed a beer glass in his pants pocket, which broke and pierced his femoral vein (a major artery in the leg). The groom quickly lost blood and later died at the hospital.

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3. Tina Entwistle-Deleg

A bride speaking with guests at a wedding.

Wedding parties aren’t always a dream come true. | Kzenon/iStock/Getty Images

Shortly after their wedding, Tina Entwistle-Deleg and her new husband, Luis Deleg, began arguing. The groom accused his bride of being romantically interested in his cousin, reported The New York Times. The couple then went into a bedroom to continue arguing. Later, relatives entered the room after they heard screaming. They found Entwistle-Deleg covered with blood from a stab wound. Deleg struggled with relatives and after falling through a second-story window. He was later charged with second-degree murder.

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4Neriza Fojas

A limo with a white bow.

The group died on their way to the wedding. | Andreua/iStock/Getty Images

Bride-to-be Neriza Fojas and four of her friends died after becoming trapped in a limousine that caught fire on the San Mateo Bridge in San Francisco. The cause of the fire is believed to be failure of the air suspension system. The Daily Mail reported the limousine transporting the bridal party was carrying more passengers than regulations allow, but it is not known if the additional weight caused the air suspension system to fail.

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5. Gladys Ricart

Flowers on a pink background.

The wedding ended up in tragedy. | Freestocker/iStock/Getty Images

Gladys Ricart’s ex-boyfriend, Augustin Garcia, was accused of using her wedding day as an opportunity for revenge. The bride was taking pictures with her friends and family in her home. Then, it is reported Garcia arrived and shot Ricart three times. He originally said the shooting was an accident, but during the trial the court found Garcia had the gun in his briefcase and retrieved it before entering his ex-girlfriend’s home. He was later convicted of first-degree murder and received a life prison sentence.

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6. Kelly Ecker and George Scott Samson

Wedding party holding bouquets.

This wedding didn’t finish off with a romantic honeymoon. | STUDIObleu/iStock/Getty Images

Kelly Ecker and George Scott Samson were married in Terre Haute, Indiana. It is reported some wedding guests noticed tension between the couple after they exchanged vows. After the wedding and reception, the newlyweds invited members of the bridal party to their home. Shortly after the guests left, FOX 31 News reported Samson beat and then shot Ecker multiple times. Samson then shot and killed himself.

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7. Annie Le

Liquid being dropped into tubes.

She was found in a devastating way. |

Annie Le worked at the Yale Animal Research Center, where she conducted medical experiments, according to Yale Alumni Magazine. The 24-year-old suddenly went missing days before her wedding. Her body was later found behind one of the walls in the research lab Sept. 13, 2009, the day of her wedding. The New Haven Register reported strangulation was the cause of death. Her co-worker Raymond Clark III received a 44-year prison sentence for her murder.

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8. Margerita Mojarro

Barn wedding with lights and white tables.

The accident ruined many lives. | Tomtom022/iStock/Getty Images

What was supposed to be a time to take pictures and capture memories turned into a horrific scene. A large tree fell on a wedding party in Whittier, California, killing Margerita Mojarro, the mother of the bride, and injuring at least five, reported ABC 7 Eyewitness News. Members of the wedding party were taking photos when a tree fell, crushing Mojarro and injuring a 4-year-old girl.

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9. Gabriel Spiva

Wedding rings and bands on a white linen cloth.

Her wedding day started with some devastating news. | Paulrichstudio/iStock/Getty Images

Bride-to-be Brandilyn Spiva, told FOX 4 News she was so excited about her wedding she couldn’t sleep. However, the day of the wedding Spiva got a call she would never forget. The news was about her fiancé, Gabriel Spiva, who attended his bachelor party the night before. Unfortunately, he got into a motorcycle accident and was killed the morning of the wedding. The couple had been together for 17 years and had two children together.

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10. Renata Alexandre Costa Coelho

Wedding cake seen behind two glasses of champagne.

This dream wedding turned into a nightmare. |

Bride Renata Alexandre Costa Coelho was supposed to have the happiest day of her life. Instead, she was met with tragedy. Her new husband, Rogerio Damascena, announced he had a “surprise” for his wedding guests. Then, the groom proceeded to shoot and kill his wife, his best man, and himself. FOX News reports investigators believe the murder was premeditated.

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11. Rosemeire Silva Nascimento

A groom tightening his cuff links.

The fatal accident was difficult to hear about on what should have been a day of happiness. |

Rosemeire Silva Nascimento wanted to surprise her future husband with a grand entrance. Her plan included arriving to the wedding site in a helicopter. However, the bride never made it to her wedding. Things went terribly wrong after the helicopter crashed, killing her instantly. Her brother, the wedding photographer (who was six months pregnant), and the pilot were also killed. The groom was told about Nascimento’s death while he was waiting for her at the altar.

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12. Solomon Chau

Married couple holding hands.

The groom died on the day of the wedding. |

Solomon Chau was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2014. After a successful surgery, Solomon and his fiancée, Jenn Carter, continued with life, and planned their wedding for summer 2015. However, Chau later found out his cancer had spread, so the couple rushed to get married in the spring of 2015 instead. Chau died August 17, the day the couple originally planned to get married.  He was only 26 years old.

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13. Brittany Huber

Interior of a wedding in a chapel.

The couple was honored with a meaningful funeral. |

Brittany Huber and her fiancé John Redman never made it to the altar. Huber was killed in a car accident during a drive with Redman. The couple was making a trip from their home in Georgia to their hometown of Mobile, Alabama, for their wedding. Redman suddenly lost control of his car and crashed into a concrete wall during a rainstorm. The bride-to-be’s funeral was held at the church where they were supposed to get married.

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14. Maria Pantazopoulos

A bride being dressed in a gown.

The accident left the groom without a bride. | Kostyazar/iStock/Getty Images

After Maria Pantazopoulos was married, it is reported she decided to do a lighthearted photo shoot, often referred to by wedding photographers as a “trash the dress” session. This is where brides intentionally ruin their dress for fun. Sadly, that photo shoot did not end well. It is reported the bride was standing on a rock when she slipped and lost her balance. She fell into the Ouareau River, plunging 60 feet to her death.

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15. Michael Zagula

A wedding cake seen during a party.

The bride’s daughter died from the accident. |

Michael Zagula performed the ceremony at his daughter’s wedding. The pilot then stepped out to perform a surprise flyover at his daughter’s wedding reception. According to Alaska state troopers, Zagula was flying over the area of his daughter’s wedding reception when the landing gear of the Cessna he was flying struck a tree. Zagula was declared dead at the crash site.

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