This Weight Loss Hack Will Leave You Speechless

When it comes to losing weight, you really don’t need a trendy diet. All you have to do, is control the environment that you’re in. It’s true — WebMD agrees that this weight loss hack is a surefire way to help you cut down on calories. Not sure how this method actually works? We broke down how controlling your environment can help you lose weight. Some of these factoids may surprise you.

Plan where to do your grocery run

Wegmans aisle

Not all grocery stores are created equal. | Wegmans Food Markets

That’s right — where you shop has an effect on your weight loss plan. Big stores are more likely to tempt you with fatty foods and sugary delights, even if you have a list all written out. Fitness Magazine suggests doing some of your shopping online or at a local market so you can search for the healthier eats you need without the distraction.

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Avoid certain aisles at the store

low prices at Wegmans

Avoid the aisles with unhealthy snack foods. | Wegmans Food Markets

There is a list of things we simply can’t buy at the farmer’s market, which means braving the big grocery store with the exquisite bread display and the candy bars by the checkout stand. When this happens, it is imperative to steer clear of any aisle you don’t have to go down, which will help you be less tempted. If your store has a self-checkout lane, opt to use it every time. (As Fitness Magazine points out, there are typically fewer goodies on display by the self-checkout.)

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Stay out of the kitchen

Modern gourmet cherry kitchen.

Beautiful kitchen? Great! Now stay out of it. | vahamrick/iStock/Getty Images

For many people, the kitchen is a social hub in their household. But if you want to lose weight, you will have to alter your environment and spend less time there. Even if you hang out in the kitchen to work, surf the internet, or chat, you will inevitably end up eating. USA Today even goes so far as to suggest keeping less-comfortable chairs in the kitchen so you are less likely to stay in theirs.

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Keep sweets hidden

Chocolate chip cookies with milk

Keep tempting snacks out of sight. |

As we previously stated, you don’t have to go on a trendy diet to lose weight. And that means you shouldn’t have to completely deprive yourself of the occasional dessert item or evening cocktail. Just make sure that those things aren’t as easy to access as the rest of your food. Rearrange your pantry and refrigerator so that your healthier eats are the first things you see.

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‘Close’ the kitchen at night

Yellow wall in kitchen with shelf and clock

Put an end to midnight snacking. | YuryRumovsky/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Surely you have heard this many times before, but it warrants being repeated. Eating late at night — especially the unhealthy eats associated with late night snacking — will wreak havoc on your weight loss plan. (Plus, eating too close to bedtime can cause health issues, like acid reflux.) The best solution? Eat enough at dinner time, and then “close” your kitchen down at the end of the night.

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Get off the couch

Fat guy sleeping on the couch

Too much time on the couch is terrible for your weight loss goals. |

The occasional day of binge-watching TV won’t kill you. But regularly vegging on your couch makes your weight loss goals less attainable. But you don’t have to get a fancy gym membership or take up mountain climbing if you’re regularly a couch potato. All you have to do is change your environment by going for a walk , or even tidying up the house. “Even participating in modest activity burns a few extra calories and gets blood circulating throughout your body,” tells us.

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Go places where food isn’t readily available

Young Asian fitness woman doing exercises in the park

If your routine takes you past tempting restaurants, take the long route or exercise in a park. |

Changing your environment may include getting out of your house and running errands. If this is the case, then you’ll probably be passing by bakeries, fast food chains, and other eateries that will tempt you with calorie-laden snacks. If you know that mall food courts and drive-thru French fries are going to do you in, you should do you best to avoid walking, jogging, driving, etc, by these places.

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Keep a healthy snack on hand

Keep healthy snacks on hand in stead of junk food. | iStock

The best way to keep from eating something loaded with calories is to always have a better alternative on hand. So when calorie-heavy foods invade your environment, having something packed with fiber or protein can keep you satisfied. Check out Eating Well‘s list of go-to snacks for weight loss.

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Be mindful of what restaurants you go to

Fast-food restaurant chains are stepping up efforts to attract late-night eaters.

Restaurants with drive-thrus generally aren’t the healthiest options. | Tim Boyle/Getty Images

When it comes to losing weight, it’s best to cut back on eating out as much as possible. That being said, we don’t always the luxury of cooking a lavish meal or hosting people for dinner, and a restaurant will do. So when it comes to picking a restaurant, be mindful of what the menu is, and make sure there are healthier options to keep you from ordering the most fattening dish.

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Avoid ‘big portion’ places

Chang's China Bistro Ltd. said today that the company experienced a data breach involving customers' credit and debit card information

Big portions may seem like a deal, but they’re almost always high in calories. | Scott Olson/Getty Images

If you’re taxed with a restaurant becoming your environment, it’s better if that place isn’t known for having larger than life portions. (Which will tempt you to over-eat, and subsequently take in more calories.) It’s also smart to try avoiding going to any buffet style eateries, where the tendency is to load up your plate with way more food than you need. If you end up with a large group at a buffet, get an overview of the entire spread before you choose to avoid overflowing your plate.

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Cut back on takeout

Eating at the office

Takeout is terrible for dieting. | Molchanova

A quick and easy meal is tempting after a long day. It’s also a good way to load up on calories. Make your environment more weight loss friendly by getting rid of things that will tempt you to order takeout. Toss the takeout menus that are attached to your refrigerator, and move all the emails from delivery services to your spam folder. You’ll be less tempted that way.

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Keep water nearby

Water is a great way to help with weight loss. | iStock

You may feel silly having water next to you at all times. But it’s actually a key to helping you lose weight. A couple chugs throughout the day can help you stay full. On top of being an appetite suppressant, regularly drinking agua also boosts your metabolism.

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Beware of cocktail hour

glasses and shots with different colored cocktails

Cocktails equal empty calories. | Tsuguliev/Getty Images

A glass of wine or a tasty spirit with friends can be the best way to end your day or engage in a social event. But sadly, alcohol and juice mixers are basically liquid calories, and may be wrecking your weight loss plan. And sadder still, is that a “lower calorie beverage” isn’t always an option. It’s better to control your environment and limit the amount of time you spend in bars and other alcohol-fueled establishments. (Even if your friends and acquaintances insist.)

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Know who your unhealthy friends are

Group of friends partying in a nightclub and toasting drinks.

You should probably stay responsible if you’re on a diet. | jacoblund/Getty Images

No, we aren’t telling you that your friends are toxic if they don’t eat as healthy as you do. However, it has been found that even our closest friends can sabotage our weight loss efforts. If this is the case, suggest activities that don’t involve shoveling food or alcohol into your faces. This may even tempt your friend to rethink how they eat as well.

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Snack before you go to a social gathering

hummus with green olives and pita chips

Have a healthy snack before you go out. |

It happens to everyone: A calendar full of holiday parties, football-viewing shindigs, and a plethora of other social events. Big social events typically mean fattening appetizers — a no-no if you’re on the weight loss train. You can cut down on the impulse to devour every unhealthy snack in sight by having a healthy and filling snack before attending your event. This will help you feel satisfied, even when your environment is full of temptation.

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