This Weight Watchers Pro Reveals Exactly What You Need to Do to Lose Weight

Sometimes, the best way to lose weight is by incorporating small changes into your daily routines rather than making a few big life changes all at once. It can be difficult to create a weight loss plan that works for you, so start small and work your way toward bigger changes. Weight Watchers provides some great tips on how to make small changes turn into big results.

Increase your water intake

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Drinking water helps keep you full. | ValuaVitaly/Getty images

Incorporate water into your day. Not only does it keep you hydrated, but it also helps curb unnecessary cravings. People sometimes confuse hunger with thirst. If you keep yourself hydrated, you’ll make sure to only eat when your body tells you its hungry. Not all water has to be boring. If you need a caffeine pick-me-up, make homemade, unsweetened iced tea. You can also add some extra flavor to water with lemon or lime, or drinking sparkling water for a little more pizazz.

Next: You can practice this anywhere.

You can practice portion control anywhere

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Put aside half for leftovers. |

You might think you can only practice portion control with home-cooked meals, but actually, there is an easy way to do this when you’re out. When you order your food, ask your waiter to immediately box up half of it to take home. This way, you’ll have a set amount already in your to-go container and won’t have to worry about eating the entire meal in one sitting. Plus, you get to enjoy it again the next day.

Next: It might be better to slowly add these into your diet.

Incorporate fruits and veggies slowly at first

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Your fridge doesn’t have to always be stocked with fruit and veggies. | olesiabilkei/iStocks/Getty Images

If eating healthy is a new challenge for you, you might not be used to eating tons of fruits and vegetables daily. Rather than eating super clean for a few days and then crashing, incorporate these items slowly. Add an extra veggie as a dinner side, and grab a piece of fruit with breakfast every morning. Your body will be less likely to reach for the junk food if you slowly develop a habit of adding fruits and veggies into your diet.

Next: Satisfy those cravings.

Don’t cut any food out of your life completely

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A small portion of anything doesn’t hurt. | al62/iStock/Getty Images

The same way you shouldn’t eat only fruits and vegetables, you also shouldn’t cut your favorite foods totally out of your life. Eventually, the cravings will set in, and you’ll crash. Instead, if you love chocolate, have a small piece every night after dinner. Actually, studies have shown that dark chocolate can have positive effects on your heart. Dip fresh strawberries in a little bit of dark chocolate for a fruit-filled, sweet dessert.

Next: Bring, don’t buy.

Bring lunch instead of buying it

packed school lunch

This will help keep calorie-heavy foods out of your day. | CreativaImages/iStock/GettyImages

Buying lunch is admittedly easier. However, even some of the “healthiest” restaurants are usually not that healthy. They often load their items with salt to add flavor where they cut fat and calories. When you make your own lunch, you know exactly what you’re giving your body. Plus, it makes portion control that much easier.

Next: Get those extra steps in.

Choose to walk when possible


Find a friend and commit to getting out every day.| Yobro10/iStock/GettyImages

If you work in a skyscraper, taking the stairs isn’t feasible. But if you’re only up on the second or third floor, try to use your legs rather than using the elevator. You can easily add a hundred extra steps into your day this way. Also, if you’re going uptown for lunch with a friend, walk instead of taking the car. You’ll definitely get a better workout (and won’t feel guilty for indulging), and finding a parking spot won’t be a problem.

Next: Let people know your goals.

Be vocal about what you want

Overhead view of a group of friends having a meal at a restaurant.

If you tell the people around you, they can help keep you accountable. |

If you’re invited over for dinner but don’t want that second portion, tell your friend. If your partner keeps eating junk food in front of you, tell him or her that you don’t like it. Craving a salad for lunch? If you’re picking a place with friends, suggest a few places with great salads. The more you speak up, the easier it will be to stay healthier. People around you will understand that you’re serious about changing your lifestyle and likely want to help however they can.

Next: Sometimes, feeling good starts with what you wear, not what you eat.

Go through your clothes

try dress

Nix clothing that doesn’t make you feel good about your body. | Master1305/iStock/GettyImages

Sometimes we run into certain styles that don’t accentuate our best parts. If you’re tired of not feeling great, then it could be because you don’t think you look great. Raid your closet and donate any clothes that don’t make you feel your best. Being healthy means feeling good about yourself, and that starts with looking in the mirror and knowing — and feeling — that you are beautiful.

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