What Donald Trump’s Horoscope Says About Him

We look for signs for plenty of reasons: Direction, explanation, identification. Astrology aims to interpret our personalities and predict the future based on the positions of the sun, moon, and celestial objects based on our birthday.

While you may think of horoscopes as little more than the final few pages of a magazine, they go beyond just predicting your success at work or relationship destiny. These astrology experts have analyzed what President Donald Trump’s horoscope says about him — and how his actions since taking office support these traits.

He’s a Gemini

Trump is hard at work.

Does Trump have two personalities? | Scott Olson/Getty Images

According to Astrology Zodiac Signs, Gemini represents “two different personalities in one, and you will never be sure which one you will face.” An analysis of Donald Trump’s Geminis characteristics supported this, calling Gemini the “clever, fast-talking sign,” whose weaknesses include indecisiveness, inconsistency, and an inherent nervousness.

Trump’s fast-talking nature and inconsistency go hand-in-hand and, as many reporters have pointed out, have gotten him into trouble with his fellow politicians and his supporters. In the past, he expressed contradicting views on his tax bill, gun regulations, and even reports of controversial remarks he publicly made.

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His sun aligns with Uranus

Trump Exiting Helicopter for President's Cup

Trump is a rule-breaker. | Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images

Uranus, a planet which spins opposite of all the others, characteristically defines individualists who naturally rebel against established rules and tradition. “Uranians, like Trump, are here to break rules or tear down systems that have outlived their usefulness. No other president in our history has had such a strong Uranian signature,” Harpers Bazaar’s resident astrologist, Rebecca Gordon, said.

People whose sun aligns with Uranus reportedly have high self-integrity and want to be their own bosses. They’re also notoriously stubborn. A Boston Globe reporter analyzed this very idea — that Trump potentially makes decisions and statements based on a need to contest what others tell him to do — in regards to his reaction to the neo-Nazi groups who marched in Charlottesville last year.

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He’s a Leo Ascendant

Donald Trump hair in the wind

Leos are known for their hair. | Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

Your rising sign, also known as your “ascendant” characterizes the general impression you leave on others and how the outside world views you. Leo Ascendants like Trump are often initially recognized by their “trademark ‘manes’ or hair,” according to Astro Style. Trump’s hair is as unique and eccentric as the man underneath the mane and has inspired countless costumes and satirical commentary.

Leo is also the Hollywood sign, a reflection of the career Trump made as a reality television star on The Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice.

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Why Regulus matters

Donald Trump denies the allegations, of course.

Could this spell trouble for Trump? | Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

Trump has Regulus, Leo’s brightest star, on the same degree of his rising sign. Gordon claims that this means whatever happens to Regulus also happens to Donald Trump. Regulus is “the most revered star in foretelling the future of leaders and nations.” Lucky for us, it revealed details about Trump as a leader from an astrological standpoint.

“If someone regulated by Regulus abuses the royal birthright conferred upon him — by, say, abusing his power or seeking revenge on others — he often can expect a severe, even ruinous, setback,” Gordon said. Bill Clinton was linked to Regulus as well, with the same rising degree as Trump, and, following an eclipse on Regulus, his impeachment trial began.

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Sagittarius moon

Trump certainly is fiery.| Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Trump’s moon sign, which indicates what our inner motivations and emotions are is Sagittarius. According to Astro Style, Sagittarius is the sign that “governs international expansion,” and is both “fiery” and “enterprising,” two words that have previously been used to describe the POTUS.

Those who have a Sagittarius moon sign may be “prone to hotheaded, offensive outbursts,” which the president’s critics will argue he has fairly often — especially on his Twitter account.

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His planetary pairings reflect his need to lead

Trump saluting with an air force member

He has a desire to lead. | Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Both Trump and his competitor for the presidency in 2016, Hillary Clinton, were born with the planetary pairing of Mars and Pluto in Leo, the alleged sign of leaders. “… unchecked, it can easily lead to power trips and even narcissism,” with the ego “often in the driver’s seat,” Astro Style claimed.

The POTUS has been chastised for showing his ego more than his compassion before, most notably when he visited the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas and preached about the large crowds that came to see him, as opposed to the tragedy that had befallen thousands of Texans.

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Saturn is in his First House

donald trump in a dark suit and red tie giving thumbs up

Is Trump insecure? | Alex Wong/Getty Images

According to Elite Daily, having Saturn in the First House influences Trump’s sense of identity and causes issues with releasing “emotional energy.” People who have Saturn in the First House have goals like financial security and “personal fulfillment in order to overcome feelings of fear and self-doubt.”

Trump may have taken these First House insecurities into the White House. While the president projects a high level of confidence in his decisions to “Make America Great Again,” his need to come across as the “greatest leader” who has “yuge accomplishments” under his belt speaks more to his self-doubt and sense of bravado.

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