What Foods Cause High Blood Pressure? 9 Foods to Avoid

Everywhere we look we are faced with health-compromising invaders. The scariest part? We can’t see most of them. From salt to saturated fat, there are many culprits lurking in our food — some of which can have a lasting impact on our body.

One of the biggest areas of concern is high blood pressure. Although a number of life’s stressors can lead to blood pressure spikes, food is often one of the main culprits. Discover what foods cause high blood pressure, ahead.

tomato and basil soup sprinkled with parmesan cheese

One can of soup has more than the ideal daily recommended sodium intake. | iStock.com/tvirbickis

1. Canned soup

Wondering what foods cause high blood pressure? Salty — aka sodium-rich — items are usually to blame. While salt likes to hide in a number of places, canned soup is one of its favorites. For the most part, one can of soup contains about 2,000 mg of sodium — that’s 500 mg more than the American Heart Association’s ideal daily recommended amount.

2. Frozen pizza

Pizza isn’t good for blood pressure in any sense. However, frozen pizza is especially bad. In order to preserve taste, packaged food manufacturers add a lot of salt. And regardless of the healthy toppings, many frozen pizzas can amount to more than 700 mg of sodium.

3. Pickles

Fermented foods can be good for the body, but many of them — such as pickles — can also lead to high blood pressure. Salt is necessary for all pickled items and is easily absorbed into the food. Those with blood pressure concerns should keep a close watch on pickled foods and try to avoid them whenever possible.

4. Packaged foods

Junk food and packaged foods get a bad rap and for good reason. With a lot of added ingredients — many of which are high in sodium, trans fat, and saturated fat — packaged foods can cause blood pressure levels to spike. They can also lead to a number of other health concerns like obesity, heart disease, and more.

5. Butter

If you love foods rich in butter and high blood pressure is a concern, you might want to reconsider. Butter is high in trans and saturated fats which can lead to high blood pressure. In addition, it is connected to high cholesterol and, as a result, coronary heart disease.

toast chicken on a cutting board, ready to be carved

Chicken skin is high in sodium and can lead to high blood pressure. | iStock/Getty Images

6. Rotisserie chicken

Although rotisserie chicken isn’t all that bad for you, the skin of a rotisserie chicken is high in saturated and trans fats — two culprits of high blood pressure. Those watching their blood pressure should avoid chicken skin when possible and remove it from a rotisserie chicken before adding it to recipes (or eating on its own).

7. Tomato products

Unfortunately, canned or bottled tomato products — such as ketchup and tomato sauce — can also lead to high blood pressure. That is especially true with products that include added salt. Those with high blood pressure should veer away from these types of packaged goods, or look for low-sodium options. In addition, making tomato sauce from scratch or using fresh diced tomatoes is also be a delicious and healthier alternative.

8. Deli meat

If you love sandwiches you might want to reconsider the deli meat — instead, reach for a healthier option like a shredded chicken breast. Deli meat is chock full of sodium and, in turn, can spike high blood pressure. Not to mention: Deli meat is usually consumed with other high-sodium items like bread, cheese, and pickles.

9. Alcohol

Alcohol is one food that both benefits and causes high blood pressure. Small amounts of alcohol could help reduce high blood pressure, however consuming too much can cause blood pressure to skyrocket. According to the Mayo Clinic, more than three drinks in one sitting can spike blood pressure. In addition, it could disable the effectiveness of certain blood pressure medications.

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