You’ll Be Horrified to Know What It’s Really Like to Work in One of Ivanka Trump’s Chinese Factories

Ivanka Trump has been in the spotlight ever since her father announced that he was running for president. While the president’s daughter claims to strive for greater opportunities for women, the women in her own factories are being overworked and underpaid. Read on to find out what Trump’s factory conditions are really like, plus one man who made a huge sacrifice to expose Trump — and how his wife is paying the price.

One man wanted to expose what the factory conditions were like

Hua Haifeng in front of trees.

Hua Haifeng was arrested for revealing the harsh working conditions of Chinese factories. | Wichita News via YouTube

Hua Haifeng, a Chinese labor activist, wanted to expose the conditions that Chinese workers were forced to work in. He and a few colleagues decided to record the abuse that occurred in the factory to expose the working conditions. Believe it or not, he didn’t know it was a factory for Trump’s shoes. Since he is a labor activist, Hua tries to expose factories that he hears are not treating people well. Hua got arrested for investigating Trump’s factory and spent 30 days in jail. It wasn’t until he was released that he realized whose factory it was.

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A New York company sent them to investigate

Chinese factory workers line up in rows outside of a building.

The organization works to investigate and record evidence. | Greg Baker/AFP/Getty Images

A New York non-profit called China Labor Watch is the company that found the evidence of abuse in the factory. Workers are reportedly paid as low as one dollar per hour, which equates to a yearly salary that’s less than half of what the average Chinese worker in the private sector makes. Plus, workers are hardly compensated for overtime, which means they’re actually making even less than one dollar per hour.

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Managers threaten to beat their workers

A group of female employees working in a factory.

Workers are not safe from controlling managers. | Greg Baker/AFP/Getty Images

Aside from offering such low pay, managers are extremely unfriendly. They reportedly give harsh threats to their workers to keep them focused while at work. According to the Chicago Tribune, a video surfaced of a manager in Trump’s factory threatening to beat his workers if they messed up the order of the shoes. “If I see them f–ing messed up again, I’ll beat you right here,” the manager said. The video was also another reason for the China Labor Watch to investigate.

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… And those threats are not empty

A factory worker working with a tool on a desk.

The factories, however, deny any wrong-doing. | Greg Baker/AFP/Getty Images

The managers don’t just threaten, they act. If someone messes something up, or slows down the pace, or throws off the progress in any way, the managers will abuse them. Three separate eyewitnesses recalled such behavior. According to the Chicago Tribune, a manager hit a man with the sharp end of a high-heeled shoe. He was left with blood dripping from his head. The Huajian Group, who runs the factory, has since claimed the accounts of what happened are not true.

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Now, Hua’s wife is paying for her husband’s brave actions

Hua's wife in a photograph.

His wife had to take care of the family after he got wrongly arrested. | WION via YouTube

Hua investigates labor conditions for a living. However, his last stint left more of a mark on his wife than anyone else. The Chicago Tribune profiled a day in the life of Deng Guilian, Hua’s wife, and how she has been forced to work long hours at a karaoke bar in order to make up for her husband being gone. Although Hua is out of jail, his bail conditions have made it hard for him to find another job. Deng works the overnight shift and spends her days in a dorm. She only gets three days off per month to see her children.

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Trump’s life is far different from Deng’s

Ivanka Trump on FOX & Friends.

Ivanka Trump wouldn’t be able to relate to Deng.  | Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

In Trump’s book, she spoke about her commitment to improving the lives of young girls all over the world. She also praised her children and said they are the best thing in her life. “I am the first person they see in the morning, and the last to give kisses at night,” Trump wrote. However, in Trump’s factories, women work endlessly. They are forced to meet extremely high production expectations. Deng does not even get to see her children once per week, even though she never actually worked in one of Trump’s factories.

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… Yet Trump has stayed silent about her brand’s labor issues

Ivanka Trump holding a pair of shoes.

No comment has been made on her part. | Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Trump does not speak about labor issues within her own factories. Although she does not closely monitor her brand anymore, she is still the owner. She has not commented on labor issues in China, which is where the majority of her items are made. “As a public figure, [Trump] has the ability to… Improve labor conditions of the global supply chain as a whole,” Li Qiang, the founder of China labor Watch, told the Chicago Tribune. However, Trump has not done that at all.

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