The Secrets Behind What Malia Obama’s Life Outside the White House Is Really Like, Revealed

Growing up under the eye of politics is tough for anyone — especially if you’re just a kid. When Barack Obama was elected president, his daughter Malia was just 10 years old. And though she does her best to stay out of headlines now, her college life and boyfriend are attracting a ton of attention.

So what is Malia’s life like now that she’s out of the White House and attending Harvard? In a lot of ways, she’s doing exactly what college kids do — which is sparking controversy. Here are the details.

1. Malia’s year before Harvard was spent with The Weinstein Company

Malia Obama smiling while standing behind a gray background.

She had a prestigious internship with the then-respected film company. | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

You know Harvey Weinstein for his sexual assault allegations and one of the first offenders to trigger the #MeToo movement. And the plot thickened when Twitter users called out Barack Obama on his silence surrounding the whole ordeal. As it turns out, the Obamas have a unique connection to Weinstein due to Malia’s internship with The Weinstein Company.

Newsweek reports Malia interned with the company during a gap year right before attending Harvard and directly after her dad left office. Finally, her father broke his silence, saying Weinstein needs to be held accountable and that he and Michelle are “disgusted” by the reports.

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2. She was caught blowing smoke rings in college — and received a ton of mixed comments

Malia Obama smoking inside a room.

The video stirred up quite the conversation. | Officialhiptv via Instagram

When you’re known as the former president’s daughter, it’s tough to stay out of the spotlight. Malia found this to be particularly true after a video of her blowing smoke rings surfaced on the internet, Newsweek reports.

Malia certainly received some criticism regarding the video, but more surprising was the praise. Bloggers and Twitter users alike took to the internet to write that Malia was way cooler and more talented than they were at 19. What she was smoking — whether it was a cigarette or otherwise — was never determined.

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3. And she loves going to festivals, where she reportedly might smoke marijuana

Malia Obama smiling and holding an umbrella.

She seems to have an adventurous wild side. | Mandel Ngan/Getty Images

More videos of Malia have surfaced — and this time, she was rocking out at a festival. TMZ reports the young Obama attended Lollapalooza and really let loose, thrashing on the ground and partying hard with her friends.

While it certainly looked like the teen was having a good time, she also received some backlash. The New York Daily News says some saw her smoking a joint at the festival. Perhaps the speculation is why she chose to sport a “smoking kills” shirt just a few months later.

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4. Video footage shows her being carted out of the festival, too

Malia Obama dancing at a festival.

Malia Obama was seen hanging out with friends. | The Last News via YouTube

The same night Malia was rocking out at Lollapalooza, another video surfaced. This time, it shows her looking quite out of sorts as she’s escorted out of the venue on a golf cart, TMZ reports.

So, was it all the head-banging and thrashing that had Malia so worn out — or could it have been something more? And who else was riding with her in the golf cart? Either way, The Daily Wire mentions Twitter users were quick to come to her defense, saying she’s doing exactly what you should be doing at a festival: having fun.

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5. She and her new boyfriend are in the spotlight

Michelle Obama looking at a cell phone.

She was seen hanging out with this young man. | Scares_info via Instagram

In November 2017, wild speculation ensued after Malia was caught kissing a stranger at a Harvard-Yale football game. Now, that teen is her boyfriend, Page Six reports.

Rory Farquharson, the son of a British banker and considered “quite a catch” among tabloids, also attends Harvard. And the couple was recently seen looking quite close in New York City on an outing. In an attempt to stay out of the public eye and keep their relationship a bit more private, Rory also recently chose to delete all of his social media.

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6. And blending into the crowd isn’t easy, as we see her snapping at a woman on the street

Malia Obama adjusting her hair.

Malia deserves privacy. | Pool/Getty Images

Malia isn’t scared to speak her mind, as evidenced by her reaction to a woman attempting to take her picture on the street. Daily Mail Online reports in August 2017, a woman saw Malia at a salad shop near Harvard and asked whether she could take her picture. She declined, but the woman persisted anyway, even going so far as to wait for the young Obama to exit another store.

“Are you gonna take it in my face like an animal in a cage?” Malia angrily said to the woman as she snapped the photo anyway. It seems life after the White House isn’t as private as perhaps she was expecting.

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7. Ivanka Trump shows her support for Malia’s privacy

Ivanka Trump applauds in front of a blue background.

She has the new first daughter’s support. | Sean Gallup/Getty Images

As the media continues to follow Malia’s every move and gush over her relationship, there are a few famous faces that have come to her defense. Surprisingly, one of them is Ivanka Trump. The Washington Post reports Ivanka tweeted, “Malia Obama should be allowed the same privacy as her school aged peers. She is a young adult and private citizen and should be OFF limits.”

Chelsea Clinton has also spoken out in support of Malia, tweeting, “Malia Obama’s private life … should not be your clickbait. Be better.” And the Bush sisters famously wrote a letter to the young Obama girls, telling them to “make mistakes — you are allowed to.”

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