What ‘Star Wars’ Actor Oscar Isaac Can Teach Us About Life

Oscaar Isaac

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

It’s only January, yet so far, 2016 seems to be dominated by one man: Oscar Isaac. Thanks to Star Wars: The Force Awakensthe actor has now reached full-blown celebrity status. While he was no means an unknown actor beforehand, with roles in films like Inside Llewyn Davis, DriveEx Machina, and his role as a titular villain in the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse, his Golden Globe win for his role on HBO’s Show me a Hero has also solidified his new found star status.

Isaac has charmed his way through a number of interviews and appearances, and we’ve begun to discover more and more about the actor. Here are five things we can learn from one of 2016’s hottest actors.

1. Be open-minded

A true gentleman is one who is accepting and respectful of others, and that means believing that people shouldn’t be boxed in by labels. In other words, people are who they are. In some of Isaac’s many interviews to promote Star Wars, he responded to questions with comments about how he would have rainbow-colored lightsabers and that he thinks classifying droids as certain genders are unimportant because gender is fluid. A man with an open and free mind is admirable.

2. Have notable hobbies

Every man should have interests outside of his job and his relationship. Before graduating from Julliard in 2005, Isaac attended the University of Miami School of Music and performed in his own band called Blinking Underdogs. Not surprisingly, he sang lead vocals and played guitar. In addition to being GQ’s cover star for January, Isaac recorded a cover of Bill Murray’s Star Wars theme song, and let’s just say he’s awesome.

3. Dress well

Oscar Isaac

Victor Chavez/Getty Images for Walt Disney Studios

Let’s just say that Isaac knows what he has and isn’t afraid to embrace it. He nails the off-duty look in sneakers, jeans, and button-down flannels, but looks just as comfortable wearing a tux or dressing for a photo shoot. He embraces his full head of curls, and you have to give a man props for that.

4. Share common interests with your partner

Isaac’s girlfriend is a documentary director named Elvira Lind, and they’ve worked together professionally as well. The pair created the website Staircase Session in 2013, for which they produce acoustic music videos. Common interests with your significant other is a great way to maintain a long-term partnership. Thanks for the tip, Oscar.

5. Appreciate children

Let’s face it: A great man loves kids. Thanks to his role in Star Wars, he’s garnered the attention of young fans. Case in point: He had a lightsaber battle with 9-year-old Jacob Tremblay of Room, who was starstruck by Isaac and called his character in Star Wars his favorite. They shared a moment at a Golden Globes after-party, during which Tremblay showed off his lightsaber skills.

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