What Supplements Should You Take? This Expert Explains

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Figuring out what supplements you should be taking can be a dizzying experience. No one wants to shell out hundreds of dollars only to be left with pills and powders that won’t actually boost their wellness. In comes WellPath Solutions, a customized nutritional supplement delivery service founded by Colin M. Darretta after he himself experienced this very same frustration. WellPath uses a questionnaire and algorithm to assess each of their customer’s nutrition needs and then delivers a customized box of supplements, all of which are non-GMO and organic when possible. Needless to say when it comes to all things nutritional supplements, Darretta knows his stuff. With that in mind, we asked him to break down the supplements, based on lifestyle, you might want to consider adding to your wellness cocktail.

If you’re just starting a wellness program

For someone who has never undertaken any sort of wellness program, I’d generally advocate starting simple. The bigger focus here need be on what is easy to remain compliant with and not find as an inconvenience. Going out and buying ten jars of pills and powders is going to very quickly seem like a hassle and be a challenge to actually engage in. Ideally that means something like a protein, greens mix, multivitamin, fish oil, probiotic, digestive enzyme, glutamine and flaxseed as the “base” group of supplements that will support general well-being. After that they can start to find more customized solutions suited for their unique goals.

If you’re active and looking to gain muscle

Creatine continues to be one of the stalwarts of the supplement world for athletes looking to optimize their performance. To list just a few of the benefits, creatine helps accelerate recovery, add volume to muscle cells, increase muscle density, and play a role in a powerful growth phase in the body.

If you’re active and looking to lose weight  

Weight loss products take a whole variety of forms. In practice provided one is not sensitive to caffeine or mild stimulants, some of the least “sexy” are oftentimes the ones that have proven the most efficacious over time. Simple ingredients like green tea extract and guarana (both of which it should be noted contain caffeine) can be highly effective when used responsibly.

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If you’re active and a vegetarian/vegan

While whey protein remains the best, vegans are not plain out of luck. Vegans need to be a little more creative however when making sure they are having a broad enough source of proteins to emulate the amino acid profile of a meat based protein. We generally advocate a hemp, rice, gemma protein blend – each has specific benefits unique unto it and it’s a classic case of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

Seasonal supplement everyone should consider

Vitamin D is essential for the colder months, according to Darretta. “Unless you’re living in a warm weather climate where you’re still getting powerful sun there is a strong chance you’re not getting enough and adequate amounts are necessary in order to absorb important minerals like calcium and phosphorous.

“Booster” everyone should consider

Our favorite energy booster is Methyl B-12. It aids with natural energy production without some of the corresponding negative effects a stimulant based energy booster might have.

Supplement everyone should consider year-round

Darretta explains that nearly everyone can benefit from a probiotic, adding that the supplement is a good way to manage your immune system. “The good bacteria provided by probiotics can play an important role in this and unless you’re someone eating a lot of food like yogurt and kimchi (or anything else fermented) you can likely benefit,” Darretta says.

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