The Everyday Foods Tom Brady Refuses to Eat During Football Season Will Surprise You

We all know that one picky eater. They pull the tomato out of sandwiches, refuse to eat anything that touches mayo, and can’t fathom the idea of branching out to new cuisine. It turns out finicky diners aren’t just among your friends — they’re also in the athletic world.

Tom Brady, known for his killer football skills for the New England Patriots, is well-known for having plenty of diet do’s and don’ts, especially when the season kicks in. Here are the dining options he absolutely will not touch with a 10-foot pole.

Nightshades are a no-go

Cherry tomatoes on a wooden table.

The athlete avoids certain fruits and vegetables to prevent inflammation. | Voloshin311/iStock/Getty Images

No one knows Tom Brady’s diet better than his family’s personal chef, Allen Campbell. And Campbell tells the athlete doesn’t eat any nightshades, which means no tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, or eggplant.

Campbell says this dietary restriction is because these foods are known to cause inflammation, but Everyday Health says the phytonutrients in these foods may actually have the opposite effect. Either way, eating a variety of colorful produce is always encouraged, whether Tom Brady endorses this idea or not.

No coffee, either

White coffee cup in male hands.

You won’t catch the star athlete sipping on coffee. | Stevanovicigor/iStock/Getty Images

Coffee has plenty of health benefits, but Campbell notes this caffeinated beverage (and all others, for that matter) are out of Tom’s diet. We imagine he ditches caffeine because it can increase your stress levels and mess with your nervous system, which certainly doesn’t help with inflammation.

Another drink Tom doesn’t touch? Gatorade. CBS Sports reports he makes his own electrolyte drink free of sugar and full of lemon to fuel for games instead.

He’ll eat olive oil — but only if it’s raw

Olive oil in a bowl on a wooden table.

Tom will avoid processed oils. | Dulezidar/iStock/Getty Images

We’ve talked about the health benefits of olive oil before, but Campbell never cooks with it when it comes to the Brady family’s meals. Campbell chooses to cook with coconut oil instead because he believes olive oil loses its health benefits once it reaches a certain temperature.

On the other hand, nutritionist Bridget Bennett tells HuffPost lightly sautéing or cooking with olive oil is totally fine, as it’s not harmful when heated. And coconut oil still has saturated fats that can harm your heart. If you ask us, we say cooking with olive oil is preferable.

No white sugar or white flour

Granulated sugar in spoon and sugar pile on wooden table.

He avoids sugar for a very good reason. | Chokja/iStock/Getty Images

When cooking for Tom Brady, Campbell says he never uses white sugar or white flour in his recipes. This is one lesson you should incorporate into your diet, as refined sugar and carbs are seriously hurting your heart and brain. These foods can also make you store fat easier, and the more you eat them, the more you’re likely to crave them later.

If you want to stay in optimal health, always incorporate whole grains, and eliminate obviously sugary foods like processed desserts and soda. You can also use these tips to beat your worst cravings.

Gluten also isn’t happening for Tom

Woman on gluten free diet rejects a plate of bread.

Tom partakes in this very popular diet despite not having celiac disease. | Lolostock/iStock/Getty Images

Tom Brady also doesn’t incorporate gluten into his diet. This isn’t because he has celiac disease — it’s because this substance can cause inflammation and mess up your digestion.

A gluten-free diet isn’t for everyone, though. Plenty of foods that have gluten are still good for you, and avoiding it altogether can cause you to miss out on vital nutrients. Unless you’re seriously affected by gluten, it’s totally fine to have in your diet.

Fruits are generally not eaten, except in a smoothie

A fruit smoothie placed on a wooden plate and table.

He does love a fresh and energizing fruit smoothie. | Baibaz/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Campbell notes that Tom Brady’s kids will eat fruit, but the athlete himself prefers to stay away from it. This falls in line with Tom’s low-carb, low-sugar diet. Fruit, of course, can help ward away disease and provide tons of nutrients. But Healthline says even too much natural sugar can be harmful. Either way, we suggest adding fruit into your diet over processed sugars any day.

Definitely no dairy

Family chooses dairy products in market.

Dairy products are definitely a no-go. | Sergeyryzhov/Getty images

Finally, no members of this Brady bunch consume milk products. In case you haven’t heard, dairy can cause a ton of health issues due to its highly inflammatory properties. It can also increase your risk for heart disease because of its high saturated fat content. Tom Brady’s diet may be extreme, but we recommend following his lead on this one and going for one of these dairy alternatives.