Here’s What Your Therapist Really Wants You to Know

4. They won’t be the first one to address you outside of their office

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If you see your therapist in public, you’ll have to be the first one to say hi. |

Ever wonder what it’d be like to see your therapist out in public? Do you know exactly what aisle you’d hide behind in the grocery store, or what book you’d shove your face behind in the library? If you already have your escape plan mapped out, know it’s highly unnecessary. ¬†In a Psych Central¬†story, Elvira G. Aletta, Ph.D., says your therapist is unlikely to say hello to you in public if you don’t initiate the conversation first. If you do choose to greet them, expect the conversation to be light and short without any mention of therapy whatsoever. And if you haven’t yet run into them in public but you’re concerned about the possibility, feel free to bring it up during a session to discuss what would make you feel the most comfortable.

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