Here’s What Your Therapist Really Wants You to Know

5. Your therapist doesn’t want to work with your insurance company

woman pulling out hundred dollar bills from her wallet

Therapy without insurance doesn’t have to cost you half your paycheck. |

There’s the possibility of therapy putting a huge dent in your wallet. Instead of paying out of pocket, you’re probably hoping your insurance company will take on some of those finances. Here’s the catch you might not know about — you must have a “coverable” diagnosis for your insurance company to foot the bill. Lisa M. Vallejos, a licensed professional counselor, tells¬†working with insurance can be really challenging for the therapist, as it forces them to diagnose you and also comes with a wealth of other difficulties. And it might not be the best bet for you, either, as many companies will only cover a certain number of sessions.

If you’re looking to pay for your sessions with your own money, ask your therapist about a sliding fee scale based on your income. This will make it more affordable.

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