What’s in Your Gym Bag? Fitness Experts Show Us

There’s no question that we’ve reached an age in which group fitness instructors are not only put on a high pedestal as role models, but as bonafide pop culture figures. With that said, we were curious to find out what some of the most popular ones tote with them on a day-to-day basis. Here’s a look at the go-to snacks, equipment, and gadgets fitness professionals swear by to get them through their long days.

Viveca Jensen, founder of Piloxing


Source: Viveca Jensen

Hydration is very important to me after a workout so I always have a water bottle. I have a iPad Mini to access my e-mails and my movies while I travel, a towel, a resistance band (my favorite tool to effectively tighten your thighs and your butt; it can be used on the airplane too!), roller massage stick, and Piloxing Knockout Gloves which I use for upper body toning in my  classes and when I run to kick my cardio up a notch. I also have BOSE Headphones, a jump rope, Stim Electrodes (I use this for my tight trapezius and back muscles), boxing gloves, wraps, and snacks – almonds for extra fiber and iron in-between meals and Quest Bars for extra protein and energy when my schedule is demanding.

Eric Orton, author of The Cool Impossible and run coach in Christopher McDougall’s cult read Born to Run


Source: Eric Orton

“My gym for cross training is the outdoors,” Orton says. “I ride my snow bike to run and I ride to the town ski mountain to ski uphill for strength training and then ski down.”

Anthony McClain, SoulCycle instructor

Anthony McClain - SoulCycle

Source: Anthony McClain

I always, always, always bring my laptop with me everywhere I go. I carry two different types of wireless headphones — one for music research and the other for when I’m working out off the bike. The cocoa butter is a must! As a fitness instructor I take tons of showers — you’ve got to keep your skin hydrated. Almonds are a staple because they are nutritious and easily digestible — perfect for pre or post class. You’ll always catch me with protein powder — duh.  I also throw in an extra workout outfit just in case, as well as my foot massager — VERY important! And of course…deodorant.

Bethany Lyons, co-founder of Lyons Den Power Yoga


Source: Bethany Lyons

I always carry around sunglasses, Chakra Water body mist (this is my new obsession for a light, fresh and sexy scent), MacBook Air (it’s how I play my music for all my SoulCycle classes and it’s where my “office” is for my yoga studio, Lyons Den Power Yoga), a bandana which I wear for all types of workouts, Malin+Goetz mojito lip balm, and Ultima Electrolyte Powder to keep me hydrated.

Elvira Yambot, COO of Tone House


Source: Elvira Yambot

As COO of Tone House, a typical day can run anywhere from 12-16 hours, from sunrise to sunset and beyond.  Once I leave my apartment, my gym bag necessities come with me to the studio, through a workout, to the streets, into back-to-back meetings, some limited down time, followed by an impromptu dinner, networking event, and/or a night out with colleagues or friends.  Among the things I always have with me are Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder, water, Michi Chameleon Tank, Varley Moto Tights, Nike Free 5.0 TR4 Cross Trainers, Apple MacBook Air, flash drive, and Frends ‘Layla’ Headphones.

Sarah Sadie, Instructor at Body & Pole


Source: Sarah Sadie

“I always have a wallet, headband, deodorant, headphones, sunglasses, a Claire Fontaine notebook in my bag as well as a food bar to help power through my day,” Sadie says.

Seth Maynard, instructor at SHADOWBOX

Seth Maynard gym bag

Source: Seth Maynard

Always running around, I have to be prepared for and for me that always means keeping clean.  A toothbrush, Khiels Facewash, deodorant (without anti-perspirant!), Cologne (YSL, my favorite!) and hair product of corse!  This is my job, and I need to make sure I look professional, just not in a suit and tie.

I always keep a change of tights and they are always Nike.The new rainbow compression tights are my spirt animal reincarnated in spandex! An extra can of RedBull is always a must! I expend a lot of energy and I need it to keep going.

Who doesn’t love shoes?! The Nike Roche are great for running around or teach in, comfortable and versatile. I also carry a pair of cycling shoes so I can clip and go when I need to! A bait of boxing gloves are always on the outside of my bag, for the moment when you want to fight the person that stole your cab, you can just take it out in the bag.  It’s burns more calories and less run-ins with the NYPD.

And lastly not pictured, my headphones. If I’m not teaching then they are in my ear. I’m always trying to find new songs or create a playlist for class or a Saturday night.

Omri Rachmut, personal trainer and Barry’s Bootcamp instructor

Omri Rachmut

Source: Omri Rachmut

Rachmut notes that you’ll always find a Barry’s Bootcamp tank top in his bag. It’s important to “carry an extra in case I need to hop into class.” In addition, he notes that he always has “birddog shorts, just because they are comfortable, and my striking pads, for private clients to let out some aggression.” You’ll also find Indie fresh juice and an “extra pair of shoes in the winter in case I get caught in a monsoon and want to keep my feet happy.”

Patrick Frost, master trainer at Barry’s Bootcamp and personal trainer

Patrick Frost

Source: Patrick Frost

I always have two different bottles for my morning classes. I use the Swell bottle for either coffee or tea and then the other bottle is reserved for my BCAA mix. I always carry around a weighted jump rope. I have two different grips for weight training I seldomly use … especially if I have any rips on my hands. Floss!!! I always feel like I have something in my teeth so the floss is on hand at all times. Berocca is like emergenC but better! I became obsessed with it since my first trip to Australia. I have Chapstick with SPF available at all times … I hate dry lips and winter in NYC is a big battle for that. And I’m taking Portuguese classes so I happen to carry the textbook around as well, Muito Bom!

Courtney Paul, star of Bravo’s Workout New York and founder of CPXperience

Courtney Paul gym bag

Source: Courtney Paul

Paul’s gym bag contains:

1. Wireless headphones. No chord can hold me back from this opulent training session

2. Rechargeable stick because one should always be prepared, charged, and ready to go

3. EBoost, Catalyst pre-workout because I like options in my energy source. Catalyst Grass fed whey protein and shaker.

4. Nike Air Max to stay fly

5. Stop watch to time my breaks in between sets. 30 to 60 sec max!

5. Alejandro Ingelmo bag to put it all in and Retro Super Future shades because I’m about that life!

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