Here’s the 1 Place Your Partner Is Most Likely to Have an Affair (Hint: It’s Not the Office)

No one wants to imagine their partner cheating, but unfortunately, affairs happen. If you other half is showing some of the telltale signs, like guarding phones and tablets, changing their behavior, and going missing, your suspicions are probably raised.

But despite the fact that “I’m working late” is one of the most common excuses cheaters use, the office actually isn’t the number one place people begin extramarital affairs. Although workplace affairs do happen fairly often, there’s an entirely different platform to worry about.

The startling statistics

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Infidelity happens more often than you might think.  According to recent statistics, 22% of men admitted to cheating, while 14% of women have strayed. And in 1/3 of marriages, both partners have cheated at one point or another. And since people who have cheated before are 350% more likely to cheat again, you may be more suspicious than usual if your partner has been unfaithful in the past.

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The office affair isn’t exactly uncommon …

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Since full-time jobs require us to spend a lot of time at work–and therefore with other people–office affairs certainly aren’t uncommon. Knowing the signs to watch for is one way to keep things in check and make sure they don’t go too far. Still, 36% of men and women surveyed admitted to having an affair with a co-worker, so it’s definitely something to be wary of.

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… but it’s far from the only place people meet extramarital partners. 

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Meeting someone at the gym, at a volunteering gig, or even at church is more common than you might think. Just like no marriage is affair-proof, there are no affair-proof places, either. This just goes to show that asking your spouse to avoid bars or clubs won’t guarantee faithfulness.

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Love in the digital age

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The most popular “place” to begin an affair isn’t actually a place at all — it’s online. An Australian private investigator named Luke Athens, who has spent over 20 years tracking down cheating partners, says the internet is now a playground of cheaters and we’re currently in the era of “social media infidelity.” And considering there’s an entire website designed to help married people have affairs, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

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As if worrying about your spouse beginning an online affair wasn’t troubling enough, now micro-cheating is something you may have to worry about. While technically this doesn’t qualify as an affair, it does involve your significant other obsessively stalking someone else on social media, initiating conversation, and liking and commenting on their posts. Some people are quick to dismiss “micro-cheating,” but others say it sometimes leads to a real affair.

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Busted by Facebook?

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Facebook may be a common place to find someone to have an affair with, but it can also get you busted. Luke Athens, the Australian private investigator, says he can figure out where people are at any given time based on their Facebook photos.

“When you upload that photo, in the backend of that photo, there’s metadata and that tells me all of the important information about your phone,” Athens explained. People forget, he added, that Facebook collects data and sells your information.

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Why affairs happen

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Perhaps the key to preventing affairs isn’t trying to control where your spouse goes, but asking why they happen in the first place. According to recent research, a lack of emotional appreciation is the top reason why men cheat, while women are most likely to stray when their partner stops give them attention and affection. So if you’d like to prevent an affair in your own marriage, the best thing you can do is work on keeping it strong.

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