Whitney Houston: 5 Things You Never Knew About the Music Icon

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston | Samir Hussein/Getty Images

No matter how much time passes, Whitney Houston will always be considered a music icon. Following her 2012 death, we’ve learned more and more about the truth of Houston’s life — but we’re about to learn a whole lot more.

On July 6, 2018, the documentary, Whitney, will be coming to theaters, revealing more about the singer than ever before. According to her sister-in-law, Pat Houston, we can expect to see “her human side.” She explained, “Things your mother or father or sister or brother or child may have gone through, Whitney went through all of that.”

Here are 5 things to expect to learn from the documentary that you never knew about Houston, including some of the biggest bombshells revealed from her life.

1. She didn’t like Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul may have gained fame as a pop singer, but Houston wasn’t impressed. Being filmed in a home video in her dressing room, Houston criticized, “Paula Abdul ain’t sh*t.” She added, “That girl is singing off-key.”

According to the documentary, Houston didn’t have the best relationship with other popular musicians. USA Today noted, “She was jealous of other singers at times, though her mother tried to remind her that those artists were performing ‘fad music,’ whereas Whitney was preparing for ‘legacy music.’”

2. She loved naps

Houston may have been a pop icon, but underneath it all, she was just a normal person. She loved taking naps — and lots of them. Her sister-in-law, Pat Houston, pointed out that the superstar was actually quite a “simple” person.

She only “became Whitney Houston when it was time for her to get on stage,” according to Pat.

3. She spent time with Michael Jackson in complete silence

Houston and fellow pop icon, Michael Jackson, had quite the unique friendship. After all, they were two of the few people in the world who could understand what their level of fame felt like. When the two spent time together, they would meet in a hotel room to simply sit in silence.

Following Jackson’s 2009 death, Houston opened up to Oprah about the loss of her friend. “Mike and I were very close. No one have I ever met (was) quite like that young man … And to have it end like that saddens me.”

Houston admitted that “in some ways,” she saw herself in Jackson. However, “[She] didn’t want to go down that road.”

Whitney Houston singing

Whitney Houston | Storm/Online USA, Inc.

4. She opened up about her alleged sexual assault

In the documentary, it was revealed that Houston came forward to her brother, Gary, about her experience with sexual assault. According to Gary, Houston claimed she was molested as a child by their cousin, Dee Dee Warwick.

Mary Jones, Houston’s assistant, also knew about Houston’s experience with assault. According to USA Today, “Jones’ sister was molested at an early age, she told Whitney, prompting Houston to share her own experience.”

5. She had to pass a weekly drug test during filming for ‘Sparkle’

While filming 2012’s Sparkle, Houston was required to pass a weekly drug test. This rule came after she was “bloated and slurring” during the first rehearsal for the film remake. Although Houston was temporarily drug-free, she sadly died just three months after wrapping filming due to accidental drowning with cocaine in her system. The film was released posthumously, becoming the last role she would star in.

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