Why We’re Betting a Woman With This Job Will Win ‘The Bachelor’ and Arie’s Heart

Anyone who watched the premiere of season 22 of ABC’s The Bachelor no doubt had a laugh as Lauren after Lauren after Lauren entered the mansion. However, one detail seemed to escape a few people: Multiple women share a profession not only with each other but with the bachelor himself.

Is it true opposites attract, or are more people likely compatible with someone who shares their hobbies, passions, and even career? Let’s explore the bachelor, a few of the bachelorettes vying for his love (and engagement ring), and why we think these women may have an advantage at winning the key to Arie’s heart.

The background on the bachelor

Arie Luyendyk Jr. is a race car driver and realtor. | Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

  • Arie Luyendyk, Jr.: Age 36, realtor from Scottsdale, AZ

Arie first rose to fame as a race car driver and son of Arie Luyendyk, a two-time Indianapolis 500 winner. In 2016, Arie announced on his Twitter account that he passed the Arizona realtor exam and is an employee of the Scottsdale outpost of real estate franchise RE/MAX Excalibur.

Arie was a contestant five seasons ago on The Bachelorette where he made it to the final two before Emily, the bachelorette, chose to instead accept a proposal from Jef Holmes. Chris Harrison, the show’s narrator, famous for elusively side-stepping onscreen, called Arie a “great guy.” He also remarked about how this season’s contestants “fell for him very very quickly.”

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Ashley Luebke

Ashley Luebke

Ashley Luebke | The Bachelor ABC

  • Ashley Luebke: Age 25, real estate agent from West Palm Beach, FL

While Ashley L. has received very little screen time, she has received a rose week after week while well-known candidates like Bibiana and Brittney get the boot. What gives?

HomeLight content writer Alexa Collins divulged the reason Ashley L. and the bachelorettes we’ll cover may have an advantage: The nature of their profession. “I talk to top agents every week: They’re genuine, they’re go-getters, they’re really nice — I think those qualities make the real estate agents so good at what they do because they can maintain positivity and connect with their clients so well … That’s kind of the similar thing you look for in a positive relationship between two partners.”

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Seinne Fleming

Seinne Fleming

Seinne Fleming | The Bachelor ABC

  • Seinne Fleming: Age 27, commercial real estate manager from Los Angeles, CA

Agent or not, it’s evident to anyone who has watched Arie’s quest for love so far that ‘communication’ is a major theme. Seinne Fleming, a Yale University graduate, was vocal about her hesitation to go on a one-on-one with the bachelor after he immediately sent Lauren S. home when he felt they just “didn’t connect.”

Seinne didn’t meet the same fate, however, and both she and Arie admitted they could see their relationship going far after their one-on-one parasailing date. From the start, Harrison called Seinne one of his top five picks for the bachelor’s heart. “She’s incredibly intelligent and she definitely has this zest for life that Arie is in awe of. He’s a little bit mesmerized by her.”

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Chelsea Roy

Chelsea Roy

Chelsea Roy | The Bachelor ABC

  • Chelsea Roy: Age 29, real estate executive from Maine

Chelsea Roy, initially painted as the season’s villain, quickly lost the title to Krystal Nielson. However, as Collins points out, “she was being herself,” and being unapologetically honest about wanting to find a father for her son. “Now, she’s very open and isn’t lying — she seems genuine in making relationships with both the other contestants and Arie.”

Chelsea was also one of Harrison’s top picks for the title of Arie’s future wife. When it’s evident that she is holding back and “playing mysterious,” she later reveals to Arie that she has a son, proclaiming she wants to be honest and communicate with him from the start. “He is very taken by her,” Harrison noted.

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What do they all have in common? They’re all real estate agents

Couple shakes hands with realator

All these contestants have a passion for real estate. | lewkmiller/iStock/Getty Images

In their introductions, each of the women above was shown working, smiling as they showed clients homes everywhere from sunny Florida up to Maine. As Bustle points out, “at least it’s four realtors instead of four ‘free spirits’ or four ‘pantsapreneurs,'” which are two careers that former contestants on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette have claimed to be passionate about.

Still, the number of women working in the real estate business didn’t go unnoticed by viewers and certainly not by Arie. Next, we’ll explore why this company believes their profession may give these women a competitive edge for the final rose.

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Why HomeLight says that makes a difference

Realtor Looking Around Vacant Property

Real estate agents need to be great listeners and communicators. | Source: iStock

Collins and HomeLight believe it’s not entirely a coincidence that three out of the four real estate agents are left competing for Arie’s final rose (and final kiss). Collins believes the qualities each of this year’s agents hold puts them at an advantage and thinks Seinne is a likely candidate for the final rose.

HomeLight, a marketplace for connecting home sellers with compatible real estate agents, argued the qualities they find successful agents like Arie and the contestants have are also ones to look for in a healthy relationship: Great listening skills, honest communication, and a desire to build strong relationships.

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Caroline Lunny

Caroline Lunny

Caroline Lunny | The Bachelor ABC

  • Caroline Lunny: Age 26, realtor from Fort Lauderdale, FL

Caroline, who many thought would be a front-runner this season and potentially the winner of Arie’s rose and ring, did not receive a rose at the end of week four. She was the first woman in the real estate business to get sent home, to fans’ dismay.

Collins still believes her qualities as a great realtor played a role, even in her elimination. “One interesting thing we saw was she thinks she was eliminated because she pulled back and developed close friendships with girls on the show rather than with Arie himself.” Caroline herself admitted it and shared this interesting anecdote on Twitter; “The thing is, he had a stronger connection with one of my friends, and I just felt awkward making out with my friend’s husband. … so I subconsciously stepped back I guess.”

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