Why You and Your Partner Should Share Fitness Interests


Source: SWEATT

These days, fitness is more than just about getting or staying in shape. There’s a whole social — and even business and networking aspect — to regularly frequenting your favorite boutique studio. “The fitness-centric lifestyle has exploded in our culture and fitness is a lifestyle that extends way beyond the gym,” says Dan Ilani, founder of SWEATT, a new dating app for the fitness community. “After realizing that it takes the same qualities to build a great relationship as it does to lead an active lifestyle — commitment, dedication, and the motivation to work hard to achieve your goals — I decided to create an app.”

Ilani says he wholeheartedly believes that a couple that sweats together stays together. “It’s really supportive when you and your partner can motivate each other to achieve your fitness goals. That support then transfers into other areas of the relationship. It’s really not just about working out, when a couple shares fitness as a passion, they also share the qualities that make for a really compatible relationship and lifestyle together.” And the wellness community seem to agree. Countless celebrity trainers including Kira Stokes, Courtney Paul, and Noah Neiman have already given their Instagram endorsement.

What sets SWEATT apart, according to Ilani, is that it has a unique matching algorithm to create intelligent matches based on users’ lifestyles, fitness, and wellness preferences. “We don’t just show you to everyone, nor do we just show yogis to yogis and Cross-Fitters to Cross-Fitters. The algorithm takes workout frequency, time of day and other factors into consideration and makes smart recommendations to increase chances of awesome matches.”

Curious to see if you could potentially find your mate next time you workout? Here are the three elements that Ilani feels, based on his extensive research and experience, make for a great connection.

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Personality and shared interests

Working out doesn’t guarantee that every two people will be compatible, but having that initial shared interest is a great place to start. For those in the fitness community, their perfect match is more likely to be the girl they pass on their run every morning, or the guy they keep catching eyes with in the gym mirror, than someone they meet in a club at 4 a.m.

Lifestyle compatibility

Fitness is so much more than time spent at the gym; it’s the time we wake up and go to bed, what we eat and what we don’t, it’s how much we drink and what we like to do on the weekends. Even within the fitness community, there is a spectrum of people, ranging from “weekend warriors” to those who live it seven days a week.


Long-term relationships take work. People who like to stay fit are motivated, dedicated and are willing to work hard for the things they want! Can a yogi date a CrossFit fanatic? Totally. Beyond the actual activity, the benefit of dating someone who also likes to stay healthy lies more in the shared mindset, lifestyle, and daily routine.

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