Will Princess Beatrice Ever Get Married? The Truth About Eugenie’s Sister, Revealed

There’s another royal wedding on the horizon aside from Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s. Now, fans of the famed British family get to dote over Princess Eugenie and her beau. And of course, Kate Middleton still steals back the spotlight from time to time with her pregnancy and happy marriage.

One of the “forgotten” royals, however, is Princess Beatrice, Eugenie’s sister. This 29-year-old has stayed out of the spotlight since her huge breakup with her last boyfriend — and now many are wondering whether she’ll ever hear wedding bells.

1. Princess Beatrice was dating her ex for 10 years

Princess Beatrice smiling while wearing a blue headpiece.

She was in a long-term relationship with David Clarke. | Jonathan Brady/WPA Pool/Getty Images

For years, many assumed it would be Princess Beatrice wearing a ring before her sister. Beatrice was dating her boyfriend, Dave Clark, for 10 years before their split. Mirror Online explains they called off their relationship in summer 2016. And sources say it’s because Beatrice gave him a marriage ultimatum, which certainly didn’t go her way.

The two remain friends, sources say. And though their talk may not have gone the way Beatrice expected, they broke up on good terms.

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2. Not everyone was a fan of Dave Clark to begin with

Princess Beatrice sits with David Clarke.

David wasn’t always welcome into the royal family. | Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

According to Daily Mail Online, royal family members were “shocked and saddened” by the news that Dave and Beatrice were no longer together. Sarah Ferguson, Beatrice’s mother, was particularly upset, as she viewed Dave almost like he was a son.

Not every royal was sad to see him go, however. Rumor has it that Prince William didn’t approve of the relationship, which may have been the reason why Dave didn’t get an invite to his wedding to Kate Middleton. Ironically enough, The Daily Beast notes William is the one who introduced the two in the first place.

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3. Was their relationship healthy?

David Clarke and Princess Beatrice watch a sports event.

Were they able to function without each other? | Julian Finney/Getty Images

Beatrice didn’t always put the pressure on for Dave to marry her. But Daily Mail Online notes after Princess Charlotte’s birth pushed Beatrice to seventh in line for the throne, that’s when the marriage talk really began. The Succession of Crown Act requires the first six in line to the throne to ask the queen for permission for marriage. So Beatrice’s seventh place removed what may have been a stumbling block for the couple.

Beatrice’s pressure backfired, and sources say they frequently referred to their split as just a break for a while after it happened. A source also mentions their relationship was very co-dependent, and cutting contact completely was very difficult.

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4. Dave proposed to his new girlfriend quite quickly

David Clarke wearing a suit and red tie.

He moved on quickly after their breakup. | WPA Pool/Getty Images

After the denial of Beatrice, many suspected Dave might just not be the marrying type. He proved everyone wrong, however, when he proposed to his girlfriend, Lynn Anderson, less than a year after his split from Beatrice, Hello! Magazine confirms. The two met in New York, where they’re both high-profile executives, says Daily Mail Online.

As for Beatrice, she says she’s completely happy for her ex. And many suggest she’ll even attend the wedding.

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5. Is Beatrice dating anyone new?

Princess Beatrice poses in a black floral dress.

She appears to be single at the moment. | Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

Beatrice is reportedly single at the moment. But Mirror Online says the royal is connecting with high-profile women, including Heidi Klum, who may help her with her love life. And after she attended Klum’s Halloween party in 2017, fans of the royal family were wondering who the man on Beatrice’s arm was — though he was never seen again.

Also, on Beatrice’s 28th birthday, she was reportedly quite close with Michael Hess, a good friend of Dave Clark’s. The royal won’t spill any more details about whether the two have a connection, so time will tell.

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6. She’s thrown herself into her work rather than her relationships

Princess Beatrice wearing a blue dress and black hat.

She is putting her energy into other parts of her life. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

She’s been criticized for her luxurious vacations and inability to hold down a job. But now that Beatrice is a single woman, she’s thrust most of her attention on work. The Daily Beast notes Beatrice relocated to New York mostly so she could be close to Dave when they were dating. But after building a life there, she chose to stay and work with friends to build a business consultancy service.

In January 2018, Mirror Online notes she got a job at Afiniti.com, as well. Though given her track record of jobs, no one’s expecting her to last too long.

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7. And she feels overshadowed by a different member of the royal family

Kate Middleton smiles brightly in a red coat.

Kate Middleton seems to overshadow the young princess. | Carl Court/AFP/Getty Images

Rumor has it that Beatrice actually wanted to get engaged for years but felt too overshadowed by Kate Middleton to make the move with her ex.

Closer Weekly reports on the feud between the two royals, saying Beatrice, Eugenie, and their parents haven’t liked Kate since she officially joined the royal family in 2011. According to the publication, Beatrice has said in the past that she and her sister are the only “blood princesses,” but Kate still gets the glamour and fame despite that.

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