After Her Phone Is Taken and Drugs Are Offered, This Woman Recounts Horrific Sexual Assault at Chris Brown’s Home

Chris Brown’s name is back in the papers — and it’s not for a good reason. Brown, all with members of his entourage, are reportedly being sued by a woman saying she was sexually assaulted during a party at the singer’s house. And the night’s events — which the woman has recounted in painstaking detail — are truly horrifying. Here are the terrifying details of the lawsuit, including what happened when police arrived on the scene (page 4).

The quick summary

Photo of Chris Brown on Instagram

Chris Brown has found himself in trouble yet again. | Chris Brown via Instagram

A woman, who is only listed as Jane Doe, filed a lawsuit claiming that Brown’s friend Lowell Grissom Jr. raped her twice at Brown’s home in February 2017. The alleged incident occurred just months after Brown had a standoff with police at the same residents. While Brown himself isn’t named as her sexual assaulter, he is mentioned in the lawsuit as allegedly taking part in other bad behavior. (More on that in just a moment.)

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The confiscated cellphone

Chris Brown singing live

It all began at a Chris Brown concert. | Chris Brown via Instagram

According to the lawsuit, Jane Doe first encountered Brown and his friends at a club where the singer was performing. She allegedly went with them to an after-party, where Grissom took her cellphone from her. He then reportedly told her that she would have to go back to Brown’s house to get it back. In an effort to retrieve her phone, she says she reluctantly followed the group as the party moved to Brown’s house.

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The drugs

Pills, drugs, and needles

Drugs and firearms were allegedly all around. | Stas_V/Getty Images

Doe’s account alleges that Chris Brown administered drugs to his party guests. He gave all of the women at the party a pill and ordered them to take it and “have a good time”, the lawsuit says. (Doe claims that she refused to take the drugs.) It also says that Brown was in possession of multiple firearms, which were left out in the open.

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The police

yellow law enforcement line with police car

The police were denied access to Brown’s home. | carlballou/iStock/Getty Images

The lawsuit states that Doe’s mother became worried when she couldn’t get a hold of her daughter (whose phone was still confiscated.) The mother reportedly used a tracker to find the phone, then called the police asking them to find her daughter. The police went to Brown’s house but reportedly were not allowed on the property.

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The assault

Chris Brown with shiny gold background

The scenario sounded incredibly serious. | Chris Brown via Instagram

According to the lawsuit, Grissom assaulted Doe after the police showed up. As the New York Times summarizes, Doe was allegedly lured to an upstairs room to get her phone back but was then locked in the room with Grissom and other women. She was reportedly raped twice by Grissom and that she was ordered to perform oral sex on another woman. Once she finally retrieved her phone and left the house, she went to a rape treatment center and notified the police.

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The lawsuit

Gloria Allred on TMZ talking about the Chris Brown case

Chris Brown and 50 others are being sued with the help of lawyer Gloria Allred. | TMZ via YouTube

Jane Doe, along with help from women’s rights lawyer Gloria Allred, is suing Chris Brown and fifty other people who were at the party that night. (The woman Doe was forced to perform oral sex on is also being sued.) Brown’s attorney, Mark Geragos, claims that Doe and Allred initially demanded a $17 million settlement from Brown, but Allred has denied that claim.

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The ongoing investigation

Chris Brown and Rihanna

The investigation continues, and we’re all wondering what really went on. | Christopher Polk/Getty Images

The Los Angeles County Police Department reportedly has an open investigation going, and the case has been forward to the district attorneys office. So far, neither Chris Brown nor anyone else affiliated with the party has come forward and said anything.

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