This Woman Who Lost 100 Pounds Swears By This 1 Thing for Weight Loss

mom weight loss

This mom lost some serious weight. | ZumbaJamie via Instagram

Chasing children, working full time and greeting the day to a pile of dirty laundry leaves little time to ponder weight loss. However, one mom found a way to dig herself out from underneath daily drudgery to finally achieve weight loss goals.

What did it take to find success? While there was an ah-ha moment, Jamie Bell credits a number of strategies to helping her lose 105 pounds, USA Today reports. Beyond her tips, you can also integrate other strategies to help you reach your weight loss goals.

1. Only keep healthy food in the house

If junk food isn’t in the pantry, you can’t grab it during a moment of weakness. Healthy food ideas include low sodium soup, nut butters, canned beans, Greek yogurt and eggs.

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2. Dice fruit and vegetables for a quick snack

Food prep goes a long way in keeping you on track. | Jasmyn Guerra via Instagram

Produce can go bad if prepping seems like too much work. Dice snacks so all you have to do is grab and go. “We’ve all done that thing where we buy a cartful of beautiful produce only to let it die in the fridge and throw it out a week later,” Jamie Bell, mother of three who lost 105 pounds said to USA Today.

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3. Keep a food journal

woman using mobile app

Track what you eat in an online food journal. |

Those who maintained a food diary lost twice as much weight than those who did not, WebMD reports. However, writing down every bite can be daunting if you are busy. Consider using an online food journal like the 21 Day Fix Tracker, Calorific, and Lose It!

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4. Join a weight loss program

woman weight loss

You’ll need to be motivated. | ZumbaJamie via Instagram

Bell joined Weight Watchers, but a bevy of weight loss plans are available to meet just about anyone’s needs. Dieters may have an unrealistic view of portion sizes, which makes pre-determined or pre-packaged meal plans ideal, especially if you don’t have time to measure and prepare food.

Consumer Affairs evaluated and ranks plans here.

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5. Schedule your weight loss program


Stay on top of your goals. |

If you are constantly pressed for time, schedule your workouts, grocery shopping trips and times when you plan to prepare healthy snacks. Scheduling your weight loss program ensures you complete certain tasks like working out and eating healthy foods.

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6. Eat earlier in the day

Eat more food earlier in the day. |

Consume your food earlier in the day because the body is more efficient at digesting and metabolizing nutrients earlier, CNN reports. “These different metabolic processes ebb and flow at different times of the day, and they play a role in how your body metabolizes food energy, which ultimately affects your weight, cholesterol levels and blood sugar control — and so it has tremendous implications for what is considered optimal times for eating,” Tamara Duker Freuman, a nutritionist, told CNN.

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7. Reduce or cut the booze

a group of people clinking beer bottles together

This social habit only adds calories. | Kzenon/iStock/Getty Images

Despite recent research that drinking alcohol can help you live longer, boozing won’t do your waistline any favors. Although the sugar in mixers and alcohol are the main culprits for weight gain, dropping your guard while drinking could lead to consuming “not so healthy” food.

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