Most Women With This 1 Personality Trait Will Never Get Married

Perhaps you’ve been dreaming of your wedding since you were a child — and that day with the white gown, beautiful venue, and room full of family and friends just hasn’t come. If you’re like so many other women, you know how hard finding a quality date is. And even more difficult is finding the perfect person to spend the rest of your life with.

If you’re quick to tell your friends you’re staying single forever but actually craving partnership, you’re not alone. And it’s time to take an inward look to see what your personality has to do with it. Here are the qualities you may possess that point to a marriage-less life, with one in particular being the most telling.

1. You’re a total homebody who won’t seek out partnership

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As Fredric Neuman, M.D., for Psychology Today notes, you have be willing to meet people in order to land yourself in a partnership suitable for marriage. Neuman notes step one to getting married is putting yourself in social positions where you’ll encounter others. And you can’t appear closed-off, either, as it’s important to seem approachable and friendly, even if you’re nervous.

Neuman says that “meeting and marrying becomes much more likely if someone is pro-active.” Staying home every weekend in your pajamas isn’t likely to lead to a lifetime partnership.

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2. You judge everyone you meet — including someone who could be a future mate

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We know what you’re thinking: Everyone judges everyone to a certain extent. And while you’re allowed to have your opinions about your co-worker’s ugly blouse or that dumb thing you saw your friend doing at the bar last Friday, writing others off without giving them a chance is a surefire way to never marry.

In truth, no one loves a critic. The Huffington Post notes if you’re constantly correcting others or examining them with a judgmental lens, they won’t feel comfortable getting close to you. This is bad news if you’re hoping marriage is in your future.

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3. You’re the jealous type, and you push others away because of it

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Jealousy isn’t always a bad thing, nor is it necessarily a relationship killer. Robert L. Leahy, Ph.D., tells Psychology Today that feeling envious is universal — but it can jeopardize your relationships if you act on this jealousy. If you’re constantly seeking reassurances from others or throwing out accusations while dating that may or may not be true, staying unwedded is a serious reality for you.

Work on just feeling your emotions instead of always acting on them, Leahy suggests. This will help you in your quest for a successful partnership.

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4. When you date someone, you see all the ways you want to change them

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Perhaps you date plenty of people who have potential — but you still want to tweak their hobbies, friends, family, and job so it aligns more with what you want. When it comes to marriage, however, it’s more about compromise than all the ways you can mold your mate to fit your idea of perfection.

The Huffington Post notes all the aspects of someone’s life you shouldn’t try to change. If you’re looking for someone extroverted but you’re dating an introvert, then this isn’t something you can “fix,” for example. Asking someone to completely alter their personality for you is unlikely to lead to a happy marriage.

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5. The 1 personality trait: You’re never clear with your partner about what you want

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You’re living with your partner and co-habiting like a champ — so where’s the proposal? John Molloy, author of Why Men Marry Some Women And Not Others, tells Daily Mail Online that many women find themselves unwedded because they haven’t pushed the idea. It turns out many women who are married forced the issue first instead of waiting for their partner to make a move.

The takeaway here is if you find someone you’d really like to marry, make sure they know it.

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6. You’re so independent that you won’t allow anyone else in

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Being self-sufficient is a good thing — but if you’re overly independent, it can really put anyone with marriage potential off. While not relying on a partner for all of your wants and needs is generally a desirable trait, being too independent can leave little room for anyone else.

If you’re the overly independent type, MeetMindful suggests you take an honest look at your feelings. Are you just driven to succeed, or are you fearful of intimacy? And does your independence come from a deep-seeded fear of commitment? Perhaps it’s not your self-sufficient nature that’s the problem, but your fear of letting go.

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7. You prefer to act flirty over discrete

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Yes, sexiness and flirtatiousness are often a fun part of dating. But when it comes to marriage, it turns out many folks aren’t looking to settle down with the flirt after all. Dr. Jane McCartney tells Daily Mail Online, “Men don’t look for very sexy wives, because — at the very basic animal level — they want to be sure the children they are raising are their own.”

Additionally, research conducted by author John Molloy suggested over 30% of the men he interviewed said their family’s opinion of their future bride mattered immensely. And parents aren’t typically looking for the sexiest woman in the bunch in this case.

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