‘Work Out New York’ Trainer Shows Off 6 Signature Moves

We all know that making a real change in your life is easier said than done. When it comes to improving your overall wellness, signing up for just any class or hiring one of your corner gym’s trainers isn’t likely to give you the long-term results you want. There’s a reason, however, that Bravo turned to trainer Courtney Paul when it was looking for stars for the new series Work Out New York. Not only does Paul come up with moves that are effective, intricate, and adaptable for various levels, but his approach is a holistic experience that focuses on diet and lifestyle changes as well.

“My signature workout, the CPXperience, demands accountability and progress through goal-oriented training, a disciplined diet, and a sexy motivating beat,” says Paul. “The CPXperience delivers a personal training vibe in a class setting with each day of the week  focusing on a different body part. With the will to be a little better today than you were the day before all tied in with strength training and cardiovascular conditioning is the CPX guarantee bet for fitness success.”

While Paul’s signature class and personal training services are currently only available in New York, he has designed an exclusive workout for The Cheat Sheet, which showcases six of his signature moves.

Do each of the below six exercises using weights that will have you reaching failure after 20 repetitions. After doing each move 20 times, take a 30-second break before moving onto the next one. Once you have completed all six exercises, take a 60-second break and repeat the whole circuit another two times.

Sharon Feiereisen/Health & Fitness Cheat Sheet

Start off doing a lateral raise. To do this, stand with your arms resting at your sides while holding a dumbbell in each hand. Keep your arms straight, and slowly raise them out to either side of your body. Stop when your arms are parallel to the ground. Slowly lower back down, and then raise them into a curl followed by a shoulder press and, finally, a tricep extension. For the tricep extension, make sure your feet are about shoulder-width apart and that your arms are close to the sides of your face as you lower and extend your arms.

Sharon Feiereisen/Health & Fitness Cheat Sheet

Start off standing upright with your legs about shoulder-width apart. Do an upper half curl, and then reach straight out. Reach back, and then do an upper half curl once again before bringing your arms out straight for a second time. To finish, bring your arms down to full extension.

Sharon Feiereisen/Health & Fitness Cheat Sheet

Lay on a bench making sure your core is tight. Do three skull crushers making sure to keep your arms stationary as you lower the weights allowing the elbows to flex. Lift the weights back to starting position by extending the elbows. Next, sit up and do three shoulder presses.

Sharon Feiereisen/Health & Fitness Cheat Sheet

Put your right leg on the bench, and pressing your weight into that leg, cross over your left leg. Both knees should be bent at 90 degrees. Make sure to hold the weights firmly the entire time, and do 20 reps on each leg.

Sharon Feiereisen/Health & Fitness Cheat Sheet

Start with one hand on the bench and one hand in row position. Lower down into a push-up making sure to keep your core tight. Lift back up into your starting position, and do three rows. Do a total of 20 reps (10 on each side).

Sharon Feiereisen/Health & Fitness Cheat Sheet

Lay on a bench, keeping your core tight. Start by holding your dumbbells straight up with your palms facing each other; slowly lower the weights to your sides keeping your wrists firm and your elbows slightly bent, and push back to the starting position. Do this move, called a chest fly, three times. Next do three pull-overs by keeping your arms straight and lowering your dumbbells slowly in an arc behind your head; you should feel a stretch in your chest. Bring the dumbbells back to the starting position, and then lift your arms into three chest presses.

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