This Is the 1 Worst Thing a Fox News Host Ever Said About Women

Whether you’re an avid fan or you quickly turn the channel, Fox News is always giving viewers something to talk about. And in recent years, the network has come under fire for the way some of the hosts discuss women.

From victim blaming to dismissing sexual harassment claims altogether, viewers have pointed out that some Fox hosts have uttered some opinions that are particularly problematic. Here are the worst things the Fox crew have ever said on the air about women. And of course, there’s also the most offensive one of all.

1. Erik Erickson said it’s ‘anti-science’ for women to take dominant roles in society

Erick Erickson on Fox News.

He faced backlash for this comment. | Fox News via YouTube

Fox News commentator Erik Erickson didn’t escape this comment unscathed. The Washington Post notes in 2013, a study claimed 40% of U.S. households with children had women as the main breadwinners. Erickson said this was simply “anti-science,” however. He said that “when you look at the natural world … the male typically is the dominant role.” The female, instead, is in a complementary role and shouldn’t compete to be anything more than that.

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2. A female anchor was sexually harassed on the air

Kimberly Guilfoyle on 'Outnumbered'.

Kimberly Guilfoyle experienced sexism against another anchor.  | Fox News

After Bill O’Reilly was dropped from Fox in the wake of multiple sexual harassment allegations, some of the other anchors didn’t take the hint. And crude jokes were made at one female panelist’s expense.

Mashable reports Kimberly Guilfoyle was arguing with Greg Gutfeld during a Fox roundtable discussion when Guilfoyle sarcastically said he should get a raise. After that, Gutfeld came back with, “I think you’re giving America a raise,” which was meant crudely and was also in response to the flattering dress she was wearing.

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3. Bob Beckel questions whether college campus rapes actually happen

Bob Beckel sitting behind a desk.

Here’s what he said. | Shatterglass via YouTube

Another Fox roundtable discussion sparked controversy when college campus rapes were the center of discussion. Slate reports the panelists were discussing whether women should be allowed to conceal and carry weapons on campus to protect themselves from sexual assault. And that’s when Bob Beckel, co-host of The Five, said, “When was the last time you heard about a rape on campus?”

Others at the table quickly countered Beckel’s question. But to viewers, it didn’t make a difference.

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4. Andrea Tantaros blames feminism for statutory rape

Andrea Tantaros at a fashion show.

Critics were quick to react to her comment. | Thomas Concordia/Getty Images

Viewers were really up in arms after commentator Andrea Tantaros said statutory rape is encouraged by the feminist movement. Complex reports Tantaros said women are more likely to go after younger boys now because feminism endorses such behavior. “It’s turning women into sexualized freaks,” she added.

Even worse, Tantaros also says men have been committing statutory rape for a lot longer than women have, so in that regard, it’s OK. “Men have been doing this for a long time … it’s more acceptable than when a woman does it,” she noted.

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5. The absolute worst: Liz Trotta says women should expect sexual assault in the military

Liz Trotta on 'Fox News'.

Her controversial comments made many people angry. | The Young Turks via YouTube

After a report showed sex crimes committed against army personnel have increased by 64% over a six-year period, Fox News’ Liz Trotta asked, “Now, what did they expect?” The Huffington Post reports Trotta went on to say that these men and women are in close contact, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise. She also said feminists are to blame for demanding too much money to help victims of sexual abuse.

When another host argued in favor of programs to protect sexual abuse victims, Trotta went on to say that the military should be protecting the American people, not the people who were actually fighting the war.

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6. Andrea Tantaros says women should make sandwiches for their husbands to save their marriage

Andrea Tantaros smiling in front of a black wall.

Andrea Tantaros’ statement did not sit well with many.  | Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

What’s the secret to a happy marriage? Women getting back in the kitchen, says one Fox News host.

The Independent reports the hosts commented on a study that found Republicans have more stable and happier relationships than Democrats. Though the data was entirely self-reported, controversial host Andrea Tantaros put in her opinion regarding why Republican relationships are more successful. She suggested “traditional values” are what make a stable home. She also said women making their husbands sandwiches “is not transporting women back to the 1950s, it’s just kindness.”

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7. Bill O’Reilly says there must be a downside to a woman being president

Bill O'Reilly looking down while crossing his arms.

Bill O’Reilly’s sexist comment would have offended any woman. | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Before his firing, Bill O’Reilly was known for stirring the pot on the network. The Wrap explains when talking to two of his female co-hosts, O’Reilly beckoned the question, “There’s got to be some downside to having a woman president, right? Something — something that may not fit with that office, correct?”

“Hmm, I’m gonna say no, Bill,” USA Today columnist Kirsten Powers fired back. To this, O’Reilly said there’s a distinct difference in genders, and men have proven their leadership more than women have.

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